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Radha Kalyana is telecast by Zee Kannada TV at 6:30 pm from Monday to Saturday. This serial tells us a story about family traditions, joint families and internal rivalry in families for power. The story shows how a simple village girl, Radhika , who is married into a famous family becomes the target for people who are vying for power. Radhika, the adopted child of a priest, living in a holy place near Mysore, is married into the Bharadwaj family, to their second son, Vishu. The couples are very much in love with each other, their love and understanding prevents them from falling into any trap/misunderstanding, posed over them by their opponents.

The story takes a sad turn when Radhika is pregnant and Vishu is killed. This incident puts the whole family into uncontrollable grief. When the dead body of Vishu is brought into their house to perform the last rites, Radhika does not agree to go along with the rites. Radhika stays strong and tells everyone that Vishu is not dead. This helps her opponents to prove that she has gone crazy and not fit to give birth to the heir of their family. Everyone tries to convince Radhika to face the truth but, she insists that,her love for Vishu is very strong she can feel that he is alive. All this drama happens because of the post of ‘Dharmadhikari’. There are a number of contestants for that post, but Vishu was selected for it because of his goodness and ability. This was the reason that he was killed. After some time Radhika gets to face a duplicate Vishu, but she is the only one who does not believe him and tries her best to prove that he is not the original Vishu.

All the family members, as well as the villagers believe that it is Vishu. Radhika succeeds in proving that he is not Vishu. After this incident Radhika moves to an ‘Ashrama’ and decides to give birth to her child there. Here the story shows a twist when Vishu is shown undergoing treatment in the same ashrama, but Radhika is unaware of it. In the meanwhile, the Bharadwaj family is fighting over the post of Dharmadhikari, among themselves. In this process, they hurt each other a lot. One of Vishu’s cousins is partially paralysed when he insults god in the temple. The family priest gives some ‘Prasada’ for Radhika as he foresees that she and her unborn child are in trouble. But the prasada vessel falls down when Radhika’s mother in law was bringing it to her. She considers it as a bad omen and prays for the safety of Radhika and her child. Then she goes to the ashrama. The story builds up its interest as to when will Radhika and Vishu meet, will they have a happy family and what will happen next ?? Kruttika Ravindra, the Radhika of Radha Kalyana has worked in two Kannada films in 2008 and 2009. Her fame though, comes from this serial itself.

the Actors of the Radha Kalyana are Vishu, Venkatadri, Srikanth Heblikar, Sandeep, Pallavi, Naveen, Roopesh

Another version of this story...

Radha Kalyana is the latest addition to the lineup of serials at Zee Kannada. The serial started being telecasted in 2014.The story is about Radhika, her life and her struggles. The story is based in a small town of Madhurapura which is near Mysore. Poornachandra Shastry and Devaki are married and manage a temple in Madhurapura, as it is a pilgrimage town. One day they find an abandoned child in the temple and bring her home to raise her as their own daughter. Her name is Radhika. She grows up to be a very hardworking, dutiful, and homely young girl who is very dedicated to her family. Poornachandra’s other daughter is Vishaka. Vishaka is a free spirit who likes to live life to the fullest.

She wants to become a kannada actress and rebels against the traditional values of the family. Poornachandra’s mother Subhadramma is a mean old lady who dislikes Radhika and keeps nagging her every chance she gets. The Bharadwajas are a known family in the village. Jaganatha Bharadwaj is a very successful business who is very strict and has very strong and traditional family values. He is a very family oriented man and takes a trip to the village with his family, in hopes of getting and heir to his family. He has a son Vikas who is married to Jhanvi but, they cannot have children. He has another son Vishal who is single and they are hoping to get him married.

As the story moves forward, Radhika marries Vishal which makes Jhanvi very jealous as she cannot have children. They both lead a very happy married life but, as luck would have it, it is continuously disrupted by the plotting of other jealous family members. Some even go the extent of trying to murder Vishal. The attempt leads to Vishal disappearing leaving Radhika a widow.