Kannada Tv Serial Pallavi Anupallavi

Pallavi anu pallavi Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv

Pallavi Anupallavi is a Kannada serial which ran for two years during 2012-2014. It aired on Suvarna TV and was directed by B. Madhusudhan, The story had been written by Raghucharan and the entire serial was produced by R. Satish, Gururaj Kulkarni.

The story is about the characters of Kishore and Nandini. Kishore is a single business tycoon and has a very successful life, with good family relations and a very humble attitude despite his success. He has achieved a lot in his life and his career but, he finds his love life very unfulfilling. By pure fate, he bumps into his first love Nandini again. Nandini had gotten married according to the wishes of her family and Kishore had lost all hope of meeting her again. 

Nandini’s husband had gotten into an accident and passed away leaving Nandini a widow. She was now a single parent to her daughter having to cope with the pressures of society and deal with life alone.

When Kishore bumps into Nandini he rediscovers his old feelings for Nandini and realizes she was his one true love and he had never been able to forget her. Despite the fact that she was a widow and a single mother and knew how society looks upon them, he still married Nandini and promised to take care of her and her daughter. The serial has many touching instances of Kishore trying to win over Nandini’s daughter and of him trying to convince Nandini of his genuine feelings for her. He is a successful yet humble man, who goes against the rules of society and does what he thinks is right. The soap drama is essentially a love story but, it has a lot of underlying commentary on society and how it treats women who are widows. It talks about the stigma in society and how single mothers are treated and the taboos that surround them even in today’s modern society.