Kannada Tv Serial Nagamandala

Nagamandala Kannada TV SERIALS on Kasthuri TV

Nagamandala is a Kannada language TV serial that airs on the channel Kasthuri TV. The show premiered on television from Monday to Friday for half an hour from 8 pm. It started on 12 December 2018. The serial revolves around superstition, love, and tyrannic power. Subrahmanyaswamy temple is believed to be guarded by snakes according to Hindu mythology. People are told to visit his temple take his blessings if they face any problem related to snakes, like seeing them in dreams. The serial is about one such issue faced by the people of a village called Subrahmanyapuram. The village’s temple harbouring Subramanyaswamy has been closed for years due to an unfortunate event. Since then, a rich woman from the village is ruling it.

If anyone doesn’t abide by her rules, she doesn’t think twice before getting rid of them. To teach this woman a lesson and solve all of the people’s problems, an unwitting woman, Ranjani, enters the village. She is the answer to all their problems because of the day she was born on. To give the serial a cliche touch, Ranjani and the tyrant’s son fall in love. How exactly will the mystery unfold?