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Kannada Tv Show Madhura Madhuravee Manjula Gana

Madhura Madhuravee Manjula Gana Kannada Tv serials on Dd chandana
Written By - Team Nettv4u
Madura Madhuravee Manjula gana is being telecasted on Chandana Kannada TV. This show is the singing competition program for physically challenged people. This show is having 8 episodes. Chandana in association with Samarthanam Trust for disabled is hosting the unique show as tribute to P B Srinivas a legendary singer. He has sung in different languages such as Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Tulu and Malayalam. But his contribution to Kannada film  is much more compared to other Indian language films. He has sung highest numbers of Kannada songs. Samarthanam has already conducted such a showto extract talent among physically challenged people. Initially he used to sing for Dr Rajkumar, an idol of Kannada film. Even today his songs for Bhakta Kanakadasa are remembered. Later he sang for other actors like Dr.Vishnuvardhan, Srinath, Kalyan Kumar Kalyan Kumar is a prominent Kannada film actor who >> Read More... and Udaya Kumar. To remember his contribution to Kannada film industries and pay tribute to a legendary singer P B Srinivas, Madura Madhuravee Manjula gana show was being arranged. This show also includes dance sequences, apart from the songs. Most of the songs are from the golden collection of P B Srinivas. There are 22 songs and 4 dance sequences in this show. Guru raj music troupe is playing the orchestra.


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