Kannada Tv Serial Karpoorada Gombe

Karpoorada Gombe Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv

Karpoorada Gomba is a story of fate, it is a story about a daughter who due to the twist of fate comes back to her own house as the daughter-in-law.

The story starts with Kaveri, who is a simple minded woman married to Vajramuni Gowda. Vajramuni Gowda is a very controlling person and a very powerful politician who works as the public works minister. Kaveri has two daughters already and is under extreme pressure, by Vajramuni Gowda and her in-laws to give birth to a son or she should step away for her husband to marry Neelambari, another woman who would give him an heir.

As fate would have it, Kaveri has another daughter, scared and petrified of what will happen, the nurse replaces the baby with a boy from the next ward.The baby boy and the baby girl both grow up to fall in love with each other and get married. Bringing Kaveri’s daughter home as her daughter in law. The struggles of the mother and the daughter in accepting fate are the central theme of the serial.

The character of Kaveri is played by Chitra Shenoy. The poor woman whose boy gets exchanges is named Deveri which is played by Shailashree Urs. The son Nagarjuna is played by Madhu Sagar. Shravani, played by Nitya is the third daughter by Kaveri and has been brought up by Deveri.

Not knowing that Shravani is actually her third daughter, Kaveri wishes for her to marry her son Nagarjuna. Kaveri secretly wishes to find her daughter, all the while never realizing that her daughter in law is actually her real daughter.The serial is very entertaining with numerous plot twists as the storyline is very interesting. The serial is also very fast paced, keeping the viewer’s attention engaged.