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Karanji Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv
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Karanji is a Kannada serial which is being telecasted on Suvarna TV. It has been directed by Mr. A.G.Shashadri who has also been the dialogue writer for various movies before this, which would include the last movie by Dr. RajKumar, which was named Shabdavedi. He was also the dialogue and script writer for another movie named Hrudaya Hrudaya.

The series started being telecast on SuvarnaTV from 17th February 2014 on daily basis. The soap drama was being telecasted everyday from Monday to Saturday.

The storyline follows the lives of three characters Ananya, Damini and Vivek. Ananya and Damini have been childhood friends. When Ananya was a little girl she was abandoned, after that, she grew up into an adult at an orphanage, where she became friends with Damini who suffered a similar fate. Ananya has a very co-dependent personality and is always there for Damini. She comforts Damini whenever something happens but, Damini has a very bad attitude.

As the story progresses, both Ananya and Damini get enrolled in the same college and fall in love with the same person. This is where Vivek enters the plotline, he is the guy Ananya falls in love with and he loves Ananya too. The twist in the story is that Damini loves Vivek as well. Damini keeps acting like a complete spoilsport and her sadistic nature starts coming out. Both the girls tussle over Vivek’s love and struggle against each other and the limits of their relationship are tested.

The theme of the story is relationships and how they change over time. Damini acts were selfish, when it came to Ananya, even though Ananya has always been like a good sister to Damini. Vivek gets stuck between the emotions and relationship of both Damini and Ananya and does not wish to hurt either of them.



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