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Gokuladhalli is a family drama which focuses on the relationship between a couple who have different views on love and marriage. Ramesh Krishna is the director as well as the producer of the show. He produced it under the banner of Vaishnavi Movie Makers. The show concentrates on the life of a young man named Rahul. He is a well-established and hardworking businessman. He is also an obedient son and the apple of his mother's eyes. However, he is very open-minded and modern in his views and doesn't believe in the concept of marriage.

Simultaneously, the serial introduces us to a girl named Pavani. Unlike the girls of her age, Pavani is a humble and caring girl. She is extremely virtuous and stands up against the wrong. Rahul's mother becomes worried for him. She wants him to settle down and not be alone all his life. One day, she meets Pavani and happens to like her. She decides to make Pavani her daughter-in-law. After much coaxing and convincing from his mother Rahul finally gives his nod to marry Pavani.

However, before getting married, Rahul meets Pavani and tells her how he feels about marriages and that he is only marrying her because of his mother. He also tells her to sign a contract that contains all the terms and conditions that Pavani must follow while she is his wife. The contract also listed that the marriage will last for only a year. Pavani is heartbroken, but nonetheless, she signs the contract and agrees to Rahul's demands. Both of them get married. Even though Pavani knows that Rahul has no interest in her and that the marriage won't last long, she behaves very nicely with his family members and takes good care of them.

As a result, everyone starts to like her. Will the couple be able to sort out their differences and make the marriage work or will Rahul stay adamant and break the marriage forms the crux of the story. Sunny Mahipal and Anusha essayed the role of Rahul and Pavani respectively. The plot line of the program is similar to a 1998 hit Kannada film named MangalyamTantunanena, in which V. Ravichandran and Ramya Krishnan played the lead pair. The chemistry between Sunny and Anusha is impeccable. Due to their accurate portrayal, both of them managed to make their place in the hearts of the people. The show started on November 24, 2014. Colors Kannada TV channel airs the show, every week, from Monday to Friday at half past nine. The fan base of the serial consists mostly women.