Kannada Tv Serial Anna Thangi

Anna Thangi Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv

This is a famous Kannada serial which reveals the storyline between the brother and the sister with their strong and sacred relationship. This serial was launched on October 2011 and was telecasted at 6.30pm from Monday to Friday. The director of this serial is Mahesh Babu who wants to turn the family audience to his show. This small screen show will deal with the entire family crisis between the brother and sister in more emotional way which paved the way for its success as the happenings are effective in normal peoples life.

The hero of the serial is Shashikumar who is famous actor and his fame itself makes the serial a hit and gives the complete credit under the direction of Mahesh Babu with all the interesting things which will line-up together. The heroine of the serial is Radhika. Mahesh Babu is a famous film director and this is the first serial and direction of him in television show. The famous music director, Harikrishna worked in this crew, which gives more point to the serial success.

This serial is produced by Dr. Suresh Sharma. The story between the sister and the brother conflicts day to day and the struggles they have to maintain the relationship with handling things and sacrifices they are doing to one other makes the audience to feel goose bumps. Sai Krishna is a leading role actor of a small boy who is studying in fifth standard.