Hindi Tv Serial Yes Boss

Yes Boss Hindi Tv serials on Sab tv

Yes Boss is a well-known Indian comedy-based television series, which was aired on SAB TV. The preceding seasons were broadcasted on Sony TV and TV Asia in USA. Yes Boss was premiered in the year 1999 and became one of the longest running comedy shows, which lasted until July 31, 2009, and was broadcasted every Friday evenings. The show was produced under the banner of Shri Adhikari Brothers. Yes Boss is a story that revolves around Meera (played by Kavita Kapoor) and her husband, Mohan Srivastava (played by Rakesh Bedi) who both worked under the same advertising agency office. Their relationship was unknown to their boss, Mr. Vinod Verma (played by Aashif Sheikh), who keeps on flirting with Meera. Meera and Mohan were unable to reveal their relationship to their boss, since they both know that Mr. Verma likes Meera and they might lose their job if they will tell him about their real relationship.

Mr. Verma has special feelings for Meera and Mohan doesn’t like it so he tried everything to protect her from him. Meera works as the chief reporter of the company and her husband works as a Junior Supervisor, while Mr. Verma is the chief editor of the company. Mr. Verma doesn’t like Mohan and he tried everything to send him somewhere far. Later on, Mohan revealed their relationship to the world especially to Mr. Verma by disguising as the old man, Bunty –Ji. He did this so Mr. Verma will be annoyed. But Mohan feared that one day, Mr. Verma will run away with his wife because he knows that he is doing everything to attract Meera and he is just waiting for her old hubby to die. Mr. Verma’s wife, Mrs. Kavita Verma (played by Delnaaz Irani and was later replaced by Bhairavi Raichura) also tried to stop his husband from flirting with Meera. This results in hilarious events where Mohan has to exclaim, “Yes Boss”. Yes Boss has completed its 600th episode in 2008.

The entire casts came all together and celebrate this special event by cutting a cake. There is also a Sri Lankan version of Yes Boss, which was broadcasted on Sirasa TV. The brilliant casts of Yes Boss also include Sulbha Arya, Ashiesh Roy, Sharad Vyas, Ghanshyam Singh, and Jaywant Wadkar. The show received various awards such as the Best Sitcom/ Comedy Program and Best Sitcom/ Comedy Writer at the Indian Telly Awards. It was also nominated for Best Comedy Series at the Star Guild Award in 2004 and 2008.