Hindi Tv Serial Yam Kisi Se Kam Nahin

We hear that Gods are perfect, they lead a life of divinity, and they are perfectly satisfied. What if it’s the other way around? What if the Gods face the same problems as humans do, like nagging family members, dictatorial bosses, cheeky friends, as the list goes on? Confused? Remove it with a twist of comedy, as you watch ‘Yam Kisi Se Kam Nahin’, a hilarious sitcom currently running on the famous infotainment channel endorsed by Reliance Entertainment, EPIC.

In a surprising welcome departure from its usual masterpieces of infotainment, this show, produced by famous producers of MTV Bakra, Best of Luck Nikki, David Polycarp and Vasant, under the banner Trouble Makers Productions, throws some light on the life of the Gods, principally Yamraj, the God of Death. Unlike the terrifying image associated with Yamraj, ‘Yam Kisi Se Kam Nahin’ shows the God in a rather humorous light, as a struggling common God (He cannot be a human, right?) He falls in love while on a journey to pick up a mortal, with Jigna, the mortal whose soul he has to take. This is where trouble enters his normal life. Even though Jigna loves Yamraj dearly, she is the caricature of the typical nagging wife most Indian husbands hilariously complain of! It is only when she enters Yamraj’s house that she learns that even Gods have to struggle daily to get noticed!

To add salt to Yamraj’s wounds, he also gets an absolutely good for nothing, but irritating brother in law Himesh, who troubles him day and night, and loves to create quarrelsome situations between Yamraj and Jigna. If this is not enough, Yamraj has to face cheeky, but troublesome colleagues, like the naïve but foolish Chitragupta, and the ever lecherous Kamdev, who leave no stone unturned to make him a laughing stock in front of his unflinching boss, Akash Vani, who unlike the image of the all-benevolent God, is rather the image of the fearsome Boss, unflinching, corporate, and dictatorial.

He makes sure that Yamraj has the toughest jobs on hand, just like any other Boss would love to. This hilarious comic caper, brings forth eminent comedian Rajesh Kumar Rajesh Kumar is a renowned Indian actor, who rose >> Read More... Rajesh Kumar , who has impressed all with his impeccable comic timing in shows like Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai, Mrs. & Mr. Sharma Allahabad wale, Neeli Chattri Wale, etc., returns as the troubled, but doting Yamraj, giving a touch of humor to the otherwise fearsome God. Actress Reema Vohra Reema Vohra is a television personality, and she h >> Read More... Reema Vohra , who had played the role of the scintillating, but the devious role of Gauhar Jaan in ‘Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap’, essays beautifully the role of Jigna in this comic caper. Child artist Alam Khan Alam Khan was born on June 19 in Mumbai, to Taqvee >> Read More... Alam Khan , who is known for his role as the young Duryodhan in ‘Mahabharata,' adds to the humorous flavor, as the nagging brother in law, Himesh, among others.

Another Version Of This Story:

Death comes to all: from disease, accident or laughter. And this show is fit for the third reason. Yam Kisi Se Kam Nahi is not only a sit-com; it’s a ride, a laughter ride. Based on the backdrop of ancient God of Death, Yamraj, and his family problems, the show is worth a watch. Yamraj, known as the God of Death, resides in a parallel world like a common man. Common in food and not-so-common in clothes, Yamraj lives with his family which includes his wife Jigna, a human whom he fell in love with. Himesh, his notorious and obnoxious brother-in-law, has also popped in the house along with his sister. Sooner than later, it dawned on them about life in Yamlok being the same as on Earth. It was hard for them to believe that despite being a God, Yamraj had to scuffle and grapple to make a livelihood.

To top that, Yamraj is in all dismay because of his boss, Aakashwani, who is a hard nut to crack. He’s always onto him to cover deadlines and get work done quickly. And in all this, the other characters fit rightly in the puzzle. Yamraj leads a life akin to any other common man, and this includes his annoying neighbors, not-so-helping assistant and his “cordial” in-laws. Yam Kisi Se Kam Nahi is a show meant for all those who are trying to make both ends meet during their daily struggle, who are trying to balance the ‘see-saw’ of life with one side as their job and other, their family. The show very well encompasses the usual family-drama where the wife throws all sorts of tantrums, and the in-laws leave no stone unturned to humiliate the ‘God’. With great comedy punches throughout the show, it very subtly tries to portray an inherent relation between human and God. Yam faces all those daily troubles what a common man faces, but then also tries to do good for all. He acts as a savior and takes the ‘bad’ from the ‘good’ society.

The subtle humor very well connects to a great message that death should not be feared rather it should be smiled at and welcomed. Yamraj will be portrayed by Rajesh Kumar, who has been one of the most loved TV actors with his role as Rosesh Sarabhai v. Sarabhai, whereas Reema Vohra will play Jigna, his wife’s role. Reema Vohra is also an amazing actor known for her roles in Na Aana Is Des Laado and Do Dil Ek Jaan. The story is a well-knitted one, which revolves around day-to-day issues and struggles of a common man and how he overcomes it. His assistant Doot, an egoistic IIT-grad serves the very purpose of a ‘helping hand’. He does not make one realize that he is the actual assistant and not Yamraj. The show has surely got all of it- drama, comedy and most importantly, a message worth following. It is a family package with drama, comedy and life lessons only to get you relaxed of the day’s work.