Hindi Tv Serial Tere Sheher Mein

Tere Shehar Mein Hindi tv-serials on STAR PLUS

Tere Sheher Mai is Indian drama-based televisions show that airs on the channel Star Plus. The show is set in the magnificent lands of Varanasi, and some episodes are shot in Mumbai and Paris. Amaya Mathur (played by the actor Hiba Nawab) is the daughter of Rishi Mathur (played by the actor Sachin Tyagi). She is pampered by her father who is a business tycoon. Her family comprises of her mother, Sneha (played by the actor Gautami Kapoor) and she has two sisters, Rachita, and Jasmine (played by the actors Anjum Fakih and Isha Mishra respectively), who live in Paris. 

Amaya doesn’t know the value for money since her every little wish has always been fulfilled by her businessman father since she was a child. Rachita is engaged to get married to Rohan (played by the actor Neeraj Malviya), and everyone in the family is absolutely excited for their wedding. However, with a twist in the story, Rishi gets bankrupt soon after the announcement of their wedding. He never reveals this fact to their family and commits suicide due to the stress of responsibility. After Rishi’s death, the lives of the Mathur family gets turned over. All their property in Mumbai is lost, and Rachita’s engagement breaks. The media portrays Rishi as a fraudulent person. Since the family is in a crisis for money, they move back to their hometown in Banaras.

Sneha and Amaya face many difficulties while adjusting in the new environment, but they eventually accept the truth and come to terms with it. In another storyline, a man named Mantu (played by the actor Dhruv Bhandari) is a tourist guide in Banaras who has a charming personality. He lives with his brother Chiklu (played by the actor Arsh Khan), who is younger to Mantu. Mantu has a best friend named Uma (played by the actor Mirnal Kaur), who secretly loves Mantu and dreams of marrying him one day. Meanwhile, Hari (played by the actor Iqbal Azad) is a friend of Rishi’s who is put into jail for his bankruptcy crisis. Rudra is Hari’s son who comes to hate the Mathur family who he holds responsible for his father being away from them in jail.

Rudra and his mother begin to create problems for the Mathurs without them knowing it. Rachita befriends a boy named Ramashrey (played by the actor Rafi Malik). He is a calm boy with a good nature who runs his father shop. Ramashrey begins falling for Rachita. Meanwhile, Amaya finds that she has relatives that reside in Banaras. Only, she later finds out that about the twist that this news also poses to be a problem. The Mathur’s try to fight all the challenges that come with the death of their father.