Hindi Tv Serial Reth

Reth Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Reth was a Hindi serial (drama) showcasing the story of a daughter-in-law who is in conflict with her new family. The show aired between 19 February 2004 and 13 March 2006.It was telecasted on Zee TV and covered 380 episodes. It was produced by Nilima Bajpai & Anirudh Sharma and directed by Mohinder Pratap Singh, Rajan Shahi, & Shefali Shah.

Cast: Tejal Shah/ Deepa Parab as Jia, Diwakar Pundir as Kshom, Ankur Nayyar/ Sachin Verma as Shekar, Nupur Alankar as Devyani, Kamya Panjabi as Netra,Anang Desai, Anita Wahi,Amardeep Jha, Suhita Thatte, Rajeev Kumar. Deepa Parab as Jia has always been misunderstood in love. Her husband Shekhar has left her for another woman for reasons unknown to her.

Show Concept

Reth is an unusual love story of a young woman Jia, the daughter-in-law of the family. She has always been misunderstood in love and has to sacrifice throughout her life to conquer back her love and lost honour. Jia’s husband Shekar has left her for reasons best known to her. Despite this, Jia has still managed to put up with his family and uphold the family values. An incident turns her life upside down. Her sister-in-law becomes the target of some rapists. In order to save her sister-in-law, she faces those monsters and becomes their target. Her family is grateful for her sacrifice but is unable to give her the strong support that she needs and craves for. Reth throws light on a woman’s unending fight against the stigma to emerge strong and face an unfavorable society. Serials like these, based on sheer courage and determination are expected to be made and appreciated instead of the same typical family dramas.