Hindi Tv Serial Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka

Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka Hindi Tv serials on Imagine tv

Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka was an Indian Reality show which aspired to unlock the secrets of past life. The show has had 2 seasons and in each season it enjoyed sheer success. The show was developed and created for making the guests feel what was troubling them in this birth from their past life. It was hosted by Ravi Kishan. In the show, the guests regretted about their past life and the confession was made before the famous Psychologist of Mumbai, Dr. Trupti Jayin. It was rated very highly by Ideas Box Entertainment. In the 2nd season, well-known actor Chunky Pandey was invited to play the role of a guest. Participants were usually normal people who were selected through a call process but in some episodes, the show invited some celebrity to endorse the show. The show was created for the help of the guests who had been suffering from guilt from his past life.

The show was held for approximately 1 hour. In the show, the guests described an event or a fear from which he/she had been suffering. She wished to find a perfect solution to that and wished for the guilt to vanish away and asks the Psychologist to help her. Then the psychologist took them through a past life confession which generally is shortened for television viewers. Then Dr. Trupti Jayin took them into relax or comforting session to make their mind relieved from the guiltiness. Then he applied some meditation or some psychological formula for knowing the actual reason behind their secret. He tries to know the reason behind participant’s unsettledness. Actually, in easy words, the patient is taken back to the actual problem by this formula.

The show made some of the events dramatised in order to satisfy the viewers or in other words to make them understand about the real happening. Then the participant shared his experience after the process. The show used some meditation to unlock the secrets and help the participantS by finding their root problem which is harming them even in this birth. But as the show went popular some people also pointed their fingers to the process of recalling past memory as they noticed that the process was not completely shown. Some other pointed a finger to the reality of the show.

There were some celebrity participants who made the show even better. There were Shekhar Suman, Celina Jaitley, Monica Bedi, Ravi Kishan and Eva grover as the celebrity participants in the show.

In the show’s 1st season it was premiered on the 7th of December on 2009. The show ended on the 15th of January on 2010 after completing its 40th episode. The 2nd season started on October 23, 2010. The show was broadcasted once a week on Saturday’s at 9 P.M IST. The show was broadcasted by NDTV Imagine.