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Other names : Qashmakash Zindagi Ki
Kashmakash Zindagi Ki Hindi Tv serials on Dd national
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Kashmakash Zindagi Ki is a family drama broadcast on DD National and DD Bharti between 2006 to 2009 Monday to Friday at 1.30 PM. Produced by Ashok Wadhwa and Anoop Wadhwa Anoop Wadhwa is an Indian writer and producer who >> Read More... , Written by Bobby Khan Bobby Khan is an Indian film dialogue writer turne >> Read More... and Akashaditya Lama Akashaditya Lama is an exceptional and one of the >> Read More... , Directed by Rajesh Gupta A long journey of 25 years in the Indian entertain >> Read More... and Aloknath Dixit. Lead roles played by Deepshikha (Aradhana ), Kishwar Merchant Kishwar Merchant is a model turned actress from In >> Read More... (Mandira ), Anant Desai (Rajdeep), Lata Haya Lata Haya is a popular TV actress, a social worker >> Read More... (Devyani) Amit Behl Amit Behl started his career lately when he was of >> Read More... (Anirudh), Sudha Chandran Here is a girl who met with a major accident while >> Read More... (Rajyalakshmi Mausi), Uttara Baokar Uttara Baokar is an Indian stage, television and f >> Read More... ( Dadi), Amrapali Gupta Born on 28th May, 1988, Amrapali Gupta hails from >> Read More... (Tanushree).

Kashmkash Zinadgi Ki is a story of a girl Aradhna (Deepshikha), who lives with his father but tragedy comes in her life when Devyani (Aradhna’s adopted Mom) kills her father in an accident, Rajdeep( Aradhna’ adopted Father) took her responsibly and adopt her but despite the fact that Aradhana’s father killed my Devyani she and rest of the family refuse to accept her. But Rajdev loves Aradhana very much more than his own daughter Mandira, Mandira loves Aradhna in stating they are like friends, but later Devyani their mother creates a rift between them by saying that Aradhna is trying to make difference between Mandira and her father than further story leads to sequences of miscommunication and misunderstanding between them.

Mandira marries with Anirudh and Aradhna Gave a birth to her son Sahil. Devyani and Mandira ruin's Sahil with the help with Rajlaxmi (Sudha Chandran) and when Sahil marries with Tanushree (Amrapali Gupta) they create misunderstanding between both and they divorced, Aradhna can’t do anything as his son hates her. Later Sahil married with Ananya. The story continues with a hateful and bitter relationship.The show was very popular among the audience, especially with women audience. This show is one of the longest running shows of Doordarshan.

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Kashmakash Zindagi Ki is a Hindi TV serial that aired on DD National from 20th November 2006 to 3rd July 2009. DD National is arguably one of the oldest broadcasting channels in India. Everyone depended on this channel to receive their daily dose of entertainment when there weren’t any other TV channels to watch.

The title “Kashmakash Zindagi Ki” means the dilemmas or troubles of life. These troubles might not mean the physical or financial worries in life, rather it signifies the mental and emotional turmoil that affect us in our life. Written by Bobby Khan and Akashaditya Lama, this show explores the dynamics of a family where no one is on good terms with each other. The show is produced by Ashok Wadhwa & Anoop Wadhwa and Rajesh Gupta & Aloknath Dixit directed it.

This serial chronicles the life of an orphan girl who is adopted by a family. The only drawback is that she doesn’t receive any affection from the family members other than the father. He is the only one who dotes on her and adores her. The cast includes Romanchak Arora as Sahil, Aradhana's son, Amrapali Gupta plays the role of Tanushree and Deepshikha portrays Aradhana. Lata Haya acts as Devyani, Aradhana's stepmother who hates her. She is always plotting against her and the main antagonist of the show. Anang Desai portrays Rajdev, Aradhana's stepfather who likes Aradhana more than his own daughter. Other supporting actors include Sudha Chandran, Kishwer Merchant, Shakti Singh Shakti Singh is an Indian actor. He is also a voic >> Read More... , Shiju Kataria Shiju Kataria is an Indian TV and movie actress. K >> Read More... , Raj Singh Raj Singh was seen in Pavitra Rishta on Zee TV pla >> Read More... , Natasha Rana Natasha Rana is a very talented Indian actress on >> Read More... , Zarina Wahab Zarina Wahab is a veteran and well-experienced Ind >> Read More... , Uttara Baokar, Amit Behl, Snigdha Pandey Snigdha Pandey is a beautiful Indian actress. She >> Read More... , Vijay Bhatia Vijay Bhatia is an Indian actor and assistant dire >> Read More... and Krishna Bharadwaj.

The show completed five hundred episodes in 2009.

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