Hindi Tv Serial Punar Vivah-Ek Nayi Umeed

Punar Vivah-Ek Nayi Umeed Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

The story of Punar Vivah-Ek Nayi Umeed is about first love and about loving for the second time, but for the  life- time. The story is about four people Divya, Raj, Sarita and Vikrant; the story is about the intermingling love between the four people and their relationship with each other. The show was premiered on Zee TV and the first episode of the serial was aired on 20 May 2013 and serial went off on November 29, 2013.

The story starts with Divya and Raj who were in a relationship but had to depart and then the story shows that Divya and Raj meet once again after 10 years. Divya is still unmarried but Raj is married to Sarita. Divya feels that she is interfering in Raj and Sarita's life so she tries to bring them close, but fails. She leaves from their both life and parallely. Raj arranges Sarita and Vikrant's marriage. However, Raj realises that he has fallen for Sarita, who already was in love with Raj and thus she breaks off her engagement with Vikrant. In few, adverse situation,Sarita has to marry Vikrant and leave Raj heartbroken.

Divya re-enters Raj's life and Raj out of frustration gets engaged to Divya. On the other side, Sarita keeps on having regular fights with Vikrant but however, takes good care of Vikrant's son Abhi. Abhi also tries that his parent's relation stabilises but it doesn't happen. Even Vandana plays the role of vamp and does not allow Vikrant come closer to Sarita.

Raj ,on the other hand, does not leave Sarita and tries to come closer to her. Vikrant also has no faith on Sarita and thinks negatively whenever he sees Sarita and Raj together. I middle of everything Raj gets to know that Sarita marries Vikrant because of pressure and so he proposes Sarita to elope away with him. Sarita, however, refuses to do so and remains with Vikrant and Abhi and promises Raj to get his faith and love back in form of Vikrant.

' Srishty Rode' As Sarita:Srishty is a television actress who started her career in the year 2010 and her best performance till date is visible in Saraswatichandra as Anushka. She has acted in 5 serials till date and is doing great in the television world.

' Parul Chauhan' As Divya :Parul started off in a great way with the serial Bidaai in the year 2007. Till date, she has done 5 serials which include a few realty shows.

' Karan Grover' As Raj: Karan is 32 years of age and started his career in the year 2004. Before joining the show biz he worked as a chemical engineer but got his first break in the serial Saarrthi in the year 2004. Till date, he has done 9 serials.