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Bijesh Jayarajan

In his initial days as an author, he was trying to meet the time limit of a daily soap with an imaginary event bank, he was desperately typing away at his PC. The buzz of the words getting spanked out on to the display interrupted by a telephone call. An acquaintance enquiring if he would have interest in seeing another TV show? He would have panned the phone down had not the frantic plea from the acquaintance some way reached him despite his dropping the phone after his denial. It'sfixed!!! 20 Chapters. And he brought the handset back to his attention. When he met Bonnie Jain, his companion who had just begun toiling at Endemol, it became clear that the show was a fixed narrative show of 20 chapters with a Leading Male role. Since he always desired to pen a finite sequence, which he thought to be more of his strong point than the long hauled out daily cleansers which the author always tussled with, he instantly leaped at the prospect. That was when his friend released the booby trap. The show would be inclined to Mr. Bachchan. Having done no less than 15 years of TV, and having perceived many demonstrations with wonderful plans and great concepts collapsing to see the light of day. He went out reasoning that the author needs to wash his hands off of this mess fast, and the first-class way would be to get dismissed. However, Anurag adored the screenplay and, in some time, he was lettering all the chapters. The author would have liked to point out the schemes for the stability of 19 episodes, but Anurag precisely demanded that they should inscribe it in one run. Go with the information. That made the inscription process thrilling. He was just faithful to the threads and personalities as he went about establishing a web of secrecy and drama. At the completion of 4 months the 20 parts were done, and with all thanks to Anurag, the tale had initiated layers and concepts, which no one had predicted. Anurag had recommended a lot of conclusive situations, like the Hero having an ex-wife, taking the narrative into a Mining Area, and all of them began assuming a report and application of their own. It was a new understanding for him, and an education curve. He guesses it was similar for everybody concerned with the show. It is hardly that a novelist in the Indian TV Setting goes to nap with his head droning with thoughts and wakes up earlier than the buzzer and sprints to the PC to start lettering. He thoroughly appreciated writing for Yudh and wished the spectators also enjoy to some degree the joint zeal and foolishness that went into the flicks creation.

Bijesh Jayarajan Hindi Actor