Hindi Tv Serial Om Namah Shivay

Om Namah Shivay Hindi Tv serials on Dd national

Om Namah Shivay is an Indian drama series, which portrays the Hindu Puranic writings. It features the famous Hindu deity, Shiva and other gods like Sage Narada, Brahma, Shakti and more. It was named after the famous Hindu mantra, Aum Namah Shivaya. Om Namah Shivay was directed by Dheeraj Kumar and produced by Zuby Kochhar under the banner of Creative Eye Creation. It originally aired on DD National channel in year 1997. Om Namah Shivay is a story about Lord Shiva.

It also brings the Hindu divinity to life through a sequence of relevant stories. It started with the making of the universe and the Devas; and then it gave the viewers a glimpse of puranic history like the marriage of Shiva and Sati, the death of Sati, Shiva and Parvati’s marriage, stories that showed religious deeds, battle of the evils, significant devotional events like the making of the 12 Jyotirlinga and the divine blessings of Arjuna,the story that was covered in Mahabharata.

An outstanding effort was put in by everyone involved to make this television serial one of the most unforgettable experiences in every Indian’s life. Dheeraj Kumar, the director of the show, is a devotee of Lord Shiva. It took him 9 years of research to ensure that the story of Om Namah Shivay was complete and precise. However, when the serial was first launched, there were errors made in the series and he apologized for it.

He also stated that apart from the stories that represent the Hindu faith, each episode also contained some part that emphasizes on India’s cultural heritage. The ensemble casts of Om Namah Shivay include Samar Jai Singh who played Shiva; later on, he was replaced by Yashodhan Rana; Gayatri Shastri portrayed the role of Parvati; Sandeep Mehta as Narada; Manjeet Kullar played Sati; Amit Pachori acted as Vishnu; Sunil Nagar played Brahma and a lot more.