Hindi Tv Serial Lakeeren kismat ki

Lakeeren kismat ki Hindi Tv serials on Dd national

Lakeerein Kismet Kii is definitely going to take its viewers on the roller coaster of emotions, heartbreakings, fights, feelings, revenge and family melodrama. The show is produced by Kanwarjit Paintal's maiden productions. Paintal, in addition to his acting and producing, is also the director of this extravagant venture. Paintal has very beautifully yet expertly delineated the theme through the story of Asha, the honest lawyer and Sohanlal, her father. The show will also focus on the love triangle between the lead Male (Amit Dolawat) and the other two females.

Sonali Nikam and Charu Asopa will be seen playing other female leads. Veteran actors Geeta Paintal, Maninee De Mishra, Hiten Paintal and Paintal himself are seen playing important roles. Talented and Flexible actor Amit Dolawat bagged this lead role in actor Kanwarjit Paintal’s production venture on Doordarshan, titled Lakeeren Kismat Ki. Amit previously did shows like Main Aisi Kyun Hoon, Zaara, Sasural Genda Phool, Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan and Shubh Vivah. Amit Dolawat, who has been seen playing various challenging and extravagant roles in episodes of Haunted Nights, Fear Files said, “This is a creative role and a very good setup to work in, specially PaintalJi. I always wanted to work with him. I am getting to reach out to the incredible places of India with Lakeeren Kismat Ki.”

Charu Asopa, who gained recognition with Hindi serials, will be seen playing the lead character of Asha, an honest lawyer. Sonali Nikam will be playing the role of a modest woman who fall for the main lead and wants him back in life. The Story initially showcase the story of Asha (played by Charu Asopa) and her Father Sohan Lal. Sohan Lal did many sacrifices for her daughter and wanted her to become the biggest lawyer in the country. While practising her degree, Asha (Charu Asopa) falls for the main lead (played by Amit Dolawat), and they both wanted to get married.

But family oppositions takes places which lead to very melodramatic scenes in the series; many revelations takes place. Later, the entry of another female (played by Sonali Nikam), also a reputed lawyer, takes place. She falls for the character of Amit Dolawat and after that, the story of heartbreak, betrayal……………starts. Directed by Paintal himself, Lakeeren is an eternal saga of human emotions, of family ties, of circumstantial upheavals of the weak fighting and strong shackles of fate and emerging the winner, with sheer resilience, positivity and faith in God. It is a story of principles…of betrayals…of relationship. A story which is full of twists and turns and a much watch.