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Hindi Tv Serial Shubh Vivah

Shubh Vivah Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Ashish Khurana Bio coming soon... >> Read More... and Himanshu Consul Maker of the show connect us to our ritual roots by the show called Shubh Vivah. The story of the show is based on the love of a father for her daughters and how his daughters sacrifice their will for him. The story takes place in a small town of Agra. Mr. Brij Mohan Saxena has five daughters, and he wants suitable guys for them. Mr. Saxena is very polite and innocent person and as every parent, he wants happiness, and a safe future for his daughters. At last, they find a good boy Amrit ( Eijaz Khan Eijaz Khan, who is an Indian film cum television a >> Read More... ) for his daughter Saroj whose character was marvelously played by Neha Janpandit Neha Janpandit is an Indian Television actress wit >> Read More... . After marriage, Saroj got to know that Amrit is a characterless person, and he had an affair with other women. Saroj has a miserable life.

However, she has faith in good and marriage that one day everything will be fine. Day by day her life gets bad to worse and then she decided to leave Amrit. After sometime Amrit again came back to her life and take her into in his custody forcefully. One day Saroj got a chance to escape from Amrit's captivity but later she was arrest by police in the charge of Amrit’s murder. Mr. Saxena fights for justice and at the end Saroj proves her innocence. At the end, Saroj marries Manthan and lives his life happily ever after. Rakesh Bedi Rakesh Bedi along with Staish Shah can be termed a >> Read More... played the role of Mr. Saxena and looked pretty convincing in it and showed his class. Shubh Vivah makes us laugh, cry and to think about the true relations of our family those can’t be buying at any cost.