Hindi Tv Serial Kkoi Dil Mein Hai

Kkoi Dil Main Hai is a soap opera which ran on Sony TV. It aired on a weekly basis and was another super hit from Balaji Telefilms. The story is about two best friends, Kajal and Krittika, and their strong friendship. The narrative follows their ups and downs, their happiness and sadness. They belong to different backgrounds. But in spite of that, they stay together through thick and thin. They both have different expectations in their lives and in what they want to achieve. They come from worlds with differing ideals, values, and opinions. As the story progresses, Kajal, who hails from a poor house, falls in love with Samay Punj, a prosperous businessman.

Unknown to her, her best friend Krittika also falls for Samay and wants to marry him. As fate would have it, Samay too falls in love with Kajal. But, Samay’s mother is against this alliance given Kajal’s economic background. She convinces Kajal to forget her son and let him marry someone who is more suited to his background. That girl becomes Krittika. Kajal as an act of benevolence agrees to this and breaks up with Samay. Thus, Samay gets married to Krittika. This matrimony changes Kajal and Krittika’s friendship, and they fight and compete with one another.

As the show progresses, Samay finds out that his mother had asked Kajal to break up with him and let him marry Krittika instead. He confronts Kajal about this. She makes him promise that Krittika should never find out about this deal. And also that he must continue as if nothing has happened. During this time, Arjun, Samay’s younger brother, poisons Krittika’s mind. He manages to turn her against her friend. He convinces her that Kajal is trying to come between her and Samay. He also plots to get Kajal defamed by planting false stories about her in the press. On watching such things, Kajal’s father faces heart attack and gets admitted to the hospital. The incident upsets and embarrasses Arjun’s father. He then gives Arjun an ultimatum. He asks him to get married to Kajal. If he doesn’t Arjun would not get any part of his inheritance and would have to fight things out on his own. Arjun agrees and gets married to Kajal. Now they all live under the same roof, and Arjun tries to make Kajal’s life a living hell. Kajal understands this and returns the favor. She too makes things difficult for Arjun. Krittika, on the other hand, believes that Kajal has ulterior motives. She thinks that Kajal wants to win Samay’s affections once again. The plot continues to unfold as they all fight and try to get one up on each other.