Hindi Tv Serial Dhadkan

Dhadkan Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment
Dhadkan is a Indian medico-centric drama series that is based in the popular TV series in America, ER (Emergency Room). It is produced by Jeetu Chawla and directed by Umesh Padalkar under the Aqua Pictures Private Limited Production. The show has been broadcasted every Monday to Wednesday under Sony TV channel in February 4, 2002. It rivals the Hindi TV serial, Sanjivani under STAR Plus channel.

Dhadkan featured an assemblage cast every week with an all new story. It renders the life story of doctors in the hospital with a very concrete set up. As a matter of fact, the show includes some talented and experienced actors like Suresh Oberoi as Dr. Raj Pradhan, Reema Lagoo, and Ram Kapoor as Dr. Rajiv Agarwal, Sushant Singh, Mona Ambegaonkar, Achint Kaur as Mallika Sareen, Kishwar Merchant as Dr. Aditi, Gautami Gadgil as Chanchal and Kabir Sadanand as Dr. Rehaan.

The set of Dhadkan looks precisely like an actual hospital. They featured new story every week composing of new patients and different situations thrown for the casts. Every week, audiences watched as the doctors succeed and sometimes failed on treating and enduring the patients. The show is slightly educational and it also brings sensitive cases on abortion and AIDS, and also, Dhadkan series sheds light on the doctor’s lives on facing their everyday challenges.

Suresh Oberoi is playing the role of the senior doctor, Dr. Raj Pradhan, who is very devoted to his career. Ram Kapoor was suitably appeared as Dr. Rajiv Agarwal, the head psychiatrist who is very caring and true to his profession. He always assure that he can be able to help his patients in every way he can without stepping beyond the border established by his profession. But it changes when he met Chanchal, who is hiding on his desk. Later, he found out that Chanchal has an abusive family who repeatedly torments her. He tried all his best to help her, until he realizes that he was in love with Chanchal. The two has a special chemistry together but it adds tension on Rajiv and Chanchal.

Mallika Sareen also played an important role in the show. She was the CEO of the hospital, with a goal to run it profitably. She is very straightforward when expressing what she wants to keep the hospital runs productively. She was strict and very professional. Along with them, the show also featured Dr. Aditi and Dr. Rehaan, who are both new to the hospital. They also have a strong chemistry together but they focused more in becoming an amazing doctor and they don’t want to allow love to distract their professions. Other characters also played their characters professionally.

Dhadkan’s set costs nearly 7-Million Rupees that instantly catches the viewer’s attention. The opulent set that was made out of a deserted warehouse has become a virtual home for the Dhadkan’s casts and crews.