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Qubool Hai is an Indian TV opera soap regarding the Muslim Community and the main thing it wants to do is to ensure the respect Islam deserves. It wishes to vanish all unfair thinking about the Islam religion. It revolved around three people Asad, Ayan and Zoya. Zoya is a US-based Indian citizen who had been brought to India for marrying. But she was not ready for the marriage and thus run away from the wedding Venue to Khan’s house. There she came to know about Asad Ahmed Bio coming soon... >> Read More... khan who was going to marry his childhood friend Tanveer. But it was soon revealed that Tanveer was Evil. And after few events, Asad and Zoya fell in love. They both wanted to marry each other but Tanveer played many tricks to ensure it doesn’t happen but she was thrown away to police and peace came to Khan’s house.

Then Ayan was introduced who was the son of Rashid. Rashid was also Asad’s father and that makes Ayan, the step brother of Asad. His maternal uncle was the father of Zoya and his maternal aunt Raziya killed a woman who was Zoya’s mother. Ayan was engaged to the daughter of Raziya. Her name was Humaira. But soon Humaira lost her memory but Ayan helped her and got her memory back and then it was decided that Asad and Ayan will marry Zoya and Humaira respectively. In a surprising turn of event, Ayan and Zoya got married in a Muslim community forcing Zoya to stay in the Rashid mansion. But Asad claimed his love and told everybody that the marriage accidently happened.

After a series of events, Rashid asked Asad’s mother his 1st wife Dilshad to stay in his place and it made Ayan angry and he left the house. Asad married Zoya and Zoya came to know that Siddiqui is her father and Raziya killed her mother. Asad and Zoya consummated their marriage and two twins were given birth by them. They were named Sanam and Seher. After 2 years it was showed that Ayan and Humaira moved to Dubai. Tanveer came back to their life and took her revenge by killing the entire family except the twins and Dilshad and Nazma’s daughter.

The program took a leap of 22 years. It then shows Sanam’s life story with her grandmother Dilshad and her cousin Haya. The story progresses with the clash between Sanam and Aahil who is Tanveer’s step son who resides in the same house where Asad and Zoya were killed. Sanam worked there as a cook.

Tanveer wants all of Aahil’s father’s property in her and her son’s (Rehan) name and in that case Aahil must marry before he turns to 30. Then Nida got introduced. Aahil decided to marry Nida but he didn’t know she was evil. After a few events, Aahil fell in love with Sanam. When Nida noticed it she decided to kill Sanam but Aahil saved her. After that Nida wanted to kill Tanveer. But Tanveer was saved by her cat. Then Tanveer decided that Aahil will marry Sanam though she knew Rehaan loved her. Then she asked Sanam’s grandmother to come to her house for discussing important things. But she didn’t know it was Dilshad. Both saw each other and Dilshad fainted and was sent to the hospital and a huge amount of money was required. Tanveer proposed Sanam the required money but asked Sanam to marry Aahil. Then Sanam was married to Aahil.

The current plot shows that Sanam is trying to manage her marital relation with Aahil. But Aahil doesn’t even consider her as his wife.

The serial won ITA awards for the Best Serial in 2013 and Zee Gold award for being The Best TV Show.

Surbhi Jyoti Surbhi Jyoti is at present one of the most popular >> Read More... plays the role of Joya and Sanam. Karanvir Bohra Karanvir Bohra who is a very popular Indian TV act >> Read More... plays the role as Aahil, Shehzad Shaikh as Rehan, Surbhi Chandana as Haya, and Amrapali Gupta Born on 28th May, 1988, Amrapali Gupta hails from >> Read More... as Tanveer.

The show was premiered on 29th December 2012 and the show is currently running. Zee TV is the official broadcaster of the show. It airs on Zee TV from Monday to Friday at 930 P.M IST


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Anuradha Bali
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