Hindi Tv Serial Devi

Devi is a drama TV series that started on the Indian TV network in 2003 under Sony TV channel. The show was created by Devgan Entertainment Software and directed by Hindi actor and director, Anant Mahadevan. It was also the first TV serial in Hindi language produced by the production house of the famous actor, Ajay Devgan of Bollywood. It was broadcasted every Friday at 9:00 P.M. Indian Standard Time.

The show is about the orphan girl, Gayatri, which was played by Sakshi Tanwar. She dwells with her uncle and callous aunt. Gayatri is a fervent follower of the Goddess Druga. She pleads to marry, Vikram (Mohnish Behl), who appeared to be a kind man at first. With Vasu’s ( Rajesh Khera / Aman Verma) encouragement, Vikram becomes involved in depravity and decided to live a perverted kind of life. He refuses to marry Gayatri. His God-fearing parents tried to make Vikram realized of Gayatri’s worth. His true personality was exposed when he was on a trip with Gayatri. Vikram attempts to kill Gayatri by putting a snake close to her, but he failed. So he informed Gayatri that to forgive all his sins, Vikram take Gayatri to Vaishno Devi Mata, a well-known Durga temple around Jammu and Kashmir. Gayatri does not have an idea of Vikram’s plan to murder her. Vikram failed again on his attempt by breaking their car, until they went to the hill and he abruptly pushed Gayatri from the hill. She stumbles and dies. Vikram was so happy and at the same time, he was also anxious. However, it seems that the Goddess Druga adopts a person’s character to take vengeance on Gayatri’s murder.

Vikram went home from Vaishno, but a bizarre thing happens; he was speechless when he saw Gayatri was there. He attempts to prove that the person he was seeing is an impostor, but he fails since he cannot reveal that he killed Gayatri. The Goddess decided that she needs to capture Vikram so he can repent for all his sins. The Goddess reverses the time before a year when Vikram went home after he killed Gayatri. But the Goddess didn’t come as Gayatri, so Vikram baffles and search for Gayatri.

The casts of the show includes Juhi Parmar as Kalika, Anjana Mumtaz and Rakesh Pandey. The series got the 2003 Indian Telly Awards for Best Actor in a Negative Role for Mohnish Behl character as Vikram.