Aarti Malkan is popularly known as a Gujarati actress, who has several Gujarati television appearances and theater endeavors to her credit. She is best known for her role as Kastoorba in the famous soap opera, ‘ Hamari Devrani Hamari Devrani is a prominent Indian drama televis >> Read More... Hamari Devrani ’ (2008), a show which was aired on Star Plus, and was among the most popular television dramas during its time on air, till 2012. It successfully completed 951 episodes during its run on Star Plus and was considered as a major crowd puller. Aarti too was immensely benefited by the success of the show as she became a household name and her character ‘Kastoorba’ was adored by the viewers. The show was about the female protagonist ‘Bhakti’, who is considered to be inauspicious due to the death of her mother while giving birth to her. The show gained her a lot of repute and recognition among the Hindi television viewers and she rose to a status of a well known face among other fellow newcomers.

Apart from the Hindi television industry, she is a well known face on Gujarati television. She was seen in the Gujarati soap, ‘Chhutta Chheda’ (2009), which is based on real life divorce incidents. The show won many awards and it won many hearts for Aarti. She has been an active theatre actress, who has acted in several Gujarati plays and has several noted works to her credit in this particular genre. She was very well perceived by the critics in her theater endeavors with a reputed theater group called Sahitya Vrund, Bangalore. In this assignment, she acted in some award winning plays such as ‘Griha Shanti’, ‘Samayna Bheena Van’ and ‘ Bhumika Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Bhumika ’, in which she worked along with some noted actors such as Viral Rachh, and Jay Vithlani, among others. She has been consistent with evolving herself as an actress and likes to face challenges in this arena. She has quite a distinct style of acting, which creates realistic appeal to the scenes she plays. She has proved her caliber as an actor, but there is a new horizon waiting for her to witness.