Hindi Tv Serial Dastaan

Dastaan Hindi TV SERIALS on ZEE TV

Dastaan was a Hindi TV serial that started in 1995. It was aired on Zee tv. The serial Dastaan was one of the super hit serials in the ‘90s. It aired for one year and ended in 1996. The daily soap opera aired from Monday to Friday for 20 to 22 minutes. Farouk Masoudi directed the serial. The serial was a drama based in the United Arab. it was a drama that told the story of rivalry among two businessmen. Both of them lived in the UAE. It starred Parmeet Sethi, Navni Parihar, Nishigandha Wad in the lead role. It started with everyone searching for Karan Kapoor played by Parmeet Sethi, his secretary calls his home, club and everywhere, but they were not able to locate him.

One of their colleagues told them that he must be on the golf course playing golf. Then we see him playing golf. After playing golf, he went to buy a ship from another businessman Lankesh played by Ashish Vidyarthi. Karan’s secretary gives the official papers to his manager Raj Tilak played by Mahavir Shah, who is also his brother in law. He asks him that we are not in the shipping business, so why are we buying ships. Karan tells him that the vessel belongs to Lankesh who was a friend. Karan tells Raj that Lankesh is an evil man and betrayed him in business; that is why he wants to buy his ship.

Raj Tilak’s wife, Shalini tells Raj that he shouldn't listen to Karan and does as he pleases. He should betray him to earn extra money but he says that he is not a fraud and can't do what she wants him to do. Later Karan finds out that in the ship, Lankesh had put some actionable items and drugs and the police have the ship. Lankesh tells the police that the ship belongs to Karan. Karan is now devastated. He is afraid that if a press member finds it, he is going to lose everything. Somehow he manages to stop the deal from happening and save his name from destroying. 

Later he sends Raj Tilak on a London trip to do some business meetings. Raj’s wife wants to go with him, but he says that he cannot take her on a business trip. Later it is showed that Raj Tilak is also fraud and takes bribe from people to give them contracts. To know if Karan can catch Raj Tilak red-handed and if he can defeat Lankesh, watch the show. You can watch it on Zee Tv’s YouTube channel.