Hindi Tv Serial Behenein

Behenein Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

Behenein is an Indian serial that aired on Star Plus Channel. The story starts with Purva Shastri’s wedding. Suddenly, fire burns their parent’s room and they die. Then, she decides to postpone the weeding due to their parent’s death. After that, their aunt comes to their house with her son. She wants to embezzle her brother’s property. But the problem occurs when their aunt finds a will and the will says the whole property will go to Neema only after her sisters get married. Smriti gets married to her boyfriend Mihir, who is her classmate. Her sisters do not want to disclose the fact that their parents are dead because of Smriti.

Because, the information could be harmful to Smriti as she was pregnant at that time. After some days, Smriti comes to know everything during her baby shower ceremony. Then, she becomes ill and her delivery takes place at the hospital. She gives birth to a boy and names him Prem. Then, with unbearable torture her evil mother-in-law Kamini and sister-in-law Shalaka drive her insane by proving her an irresponsible mother. Ultimately, Smriti is taken to a mental hospital. Then, her husband decides to remarry by pressure. On the other hand, a good doctor comes to do treatment of Smriti. Purva looks after her child but Purva finally finds that without having the intention for looking after Prem, Mansi as well as her family has the intention to the property of Sanghvi’s family. After that Purva comes to the wedding party by wearing the wedding dress and gets married to Mihir. She disclose Manshi’s intention and as a result the family members drive away them. Suddenly, Smriti dies in a road accident.

Along with the time passing Purva and Mihir come closer to each other. Again Neema hires Samir to rape Anokhi. When Samir tries to rape Anokhi then suddenly Purva comes to save her. Samir accepts his mistakes and goes for ever. Then, Neema makes another plan for kidnapping Aakashi. When Purva gets photo of Aakashi’s wedding then they come to know the wedding happened between Aakashi and Shyamad Das. Aakashi now goes to the house of Shyamad to make his life hell. After that, an accident happens to Akashi and Shyamad and Aakashi become closer.

Later, it has been disclosed that Aastha is originally Smriti. Anokhi finds the matter first. Then, for a long time everything is going in a straight way until the entrance of Bhavesh. When everything is going well then Jigna’s death happens as a result of Shyamad Das. Ultimately, Bhavesh gets married to Anokhi. Smriti gets married to Jay. Everyone surprises Purva and Mihir. The whole family celebrates the Godh bharai ceremony of Purva. The serial ends when Purva fix the name Revti to her new coming daughter. The serial started on 8th February 2010 and ended on 29th april 2011.


Adaa Khan -  In this serial Adaa Khan has played the role of Aakashi. She was born in India. She is famous for playing various roles in different serials. She came to this industry by being a model of an advertisement.