Hindi Tv Serial Aurat


Aurat that is, the woman was another show that was aimed at strengthening the image of a woman in Indian society which was generally thought to be the weaker sex. The motive of the serial was to emphasize the fact that women are no less than men in any field and can do every task equally or even better.

The serial was a weekly one and was aired each Wednesday at 2.00 p.m. on Sony Entertainment Television and was produced by BR Films. This timing was cleverly set to aim the female audience. The serial proved to be successful to a great extent in its motive. The plot of the serial revolves around the life of the protagonist Kamini, who belonged to a poor family, and it was frequently mentioned in the show that she was thought to be a burden on the family at the time of her birth.

As she grew, the family decided to marry her instead of sending her to the college, but she thought otherwise. As she was a brilliant student, she earned a scholarship and got free college education. After college, she wanted to work, but again the family insisted on marriage. But she stood firm on her ground in spite of the constant harassment by society and finally became a successful lawyer and eventually she was the one who freed her family from the debt.

Written brilliantly, with some very emotional moments, the show was very popular.