Hindi Tv Serial Alpviram

Alpviram is a family drama which broadcasted in 1998 on SONY TV directed by Arshiya Kapadia. This show revolves around the life of a girl who has no idea what the fate has decided for her. The story is about Amrita, a young lady, which is beautifully played by Pallavi Joshi. Amrita was a healthy and charming girl with no medical instability. All her friends and her beloved grandparents were celebrating her 21st birthday very joyously when suddenly she faints. She never got up as she went into the coma. This news of her going into coma affects her grandparents and her fiancé a lot. Amrita’s fiancé,

Rohit played by a known actor Aamir Bashir, loves her so much that he is not willing to give up on her even in this condition. He takes care of her. He does his best to give her proper treatment, but she doesn’t show any improvement. Her grandfather (Anjan Srivastav) and grandmother’s (Sulbha Deshpande) only source of income were their pensions. Their pension is not enough for continuing Amrita’s treatment. On the other hand, Rohit’s parents are forcing him to marry another girl. After a year everybody’s life turns upside down when they get the news that Amrita is three months pregnant. Someone raped her when she was in the coma. Everybody was a suspect. One of the ward boys was the main suspect as he was seen eyeing on her many times.

Vikram Gokhale, the hospital’s most senior person, didn’t want this news to go out of the four walls of the hospital. He acted suspiciously, but he said he just wanted to save the reputation of the hospital. Rohit was also a suspect. Soon after this news, Amrita recovers to find this worst nightmare of her life. She had millions of questions in her mind. First of all, she didn’t know who the father of her baby was. That leaves with the toughest join whether to give birth to the baby or not. She was not able to decide if she’ll be able to accept it. Her relationship with Rohit was totally messed up. All Amrita wanted was to find the culprit who ruined her life without creating any scandals. Later they all finally found the culprit. It was none other than Vikram Gokhale. The senior most doctor was finally found guilty. In the end, she gives birth to a baby girl. Rohit marries her and accepts her daughter.