Hindi Tv Serial Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Ye

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Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Ye” is a story about a married couple and the complications they face in their relationship. Shobha (played by Sonali Bendre) is a middle-aged house-maker married to a politician named Samarth (played by Harsh Chhaya). Shobha only worked for a degree to get married. Samarth is a man of means and earns well, so Shobha married him with the faith of making the right decisions. The couple lives in a world of lies as Shobha thinks that they are happy together with their two teenage children.

However, her world turns over when she finds out that Samarth was having an extra marital affair behind her back. He gets caught while making out with another woman in between his sexual scandal as Shobha watches the act happen on TV. After their confrontation, Shobha kicks Samarth out of the house, and he ends up in jail. Her children are informed of the matter and Shobha makes sure that they never get to hear an explanation from their father.

She refuses him the access to their children through a pending court order and changes the locks to the house for his prevention. With no husband to provide the finance on which the house runs entirely, Shobha does a job after many years in order to provide for herself and her children. She works under her boss, Vikram Ahuja (played by Apurva Agnihotri) who is a patriarchal misogynist. This is a factual portrayal of the norms followed in India, and the reason for the show to portray its wrongness since inception.

Shobha battles his views in order to change them into righteousness and in the process they become friends. Their relationship starts out completely on an intellectual basis. She is a woman who is continuously exposed to a feminist environment while interacting with her social worker and lawyer. The show’s aim is to unconsciously educate the women viewers of certain laws and practices that are available to women experiencing similar situations.

Even when the show has a negative storyline of marriage, its objective is pro-marriage. It portrays through its sub-text the complexity one has to go through if the choice of marriage is ignorant or under the pressure of achieving social status.