Ruchi Savarn Hindi Actress

The beautiful Ruchi Savarn was born on 26th May 1992, in Nagpur. She was brought up in New Delhi and Mumbai. Before heading into acting, she was an assistant director/ producer. She had a keen interest in dancing during her college days. She got married to the actor Ankit Mohan Delhi boy Ankit Mohan, born on 1990 and and brough >> Read More... Ankit Mohan . Her father is an Agro-scientist and her mother an author. Her television shows include Sakhi in Colors Marathi, Ghar Aaja Paradesi, Crime Patrol, Zunj Marathmoli, Mejwani Pariporna Kitchen, Tere Liye Tere Liye is a popular Hindi TV series broadcasted >> Read More... Tere Liye as Jonaki and Pyar ka Bandhan as Radha.