Hindi Tv Serial Aankhen

Aankhen Hindi Tv serials on Doordarshan

Aankhen was an Indian television serial broadcasted on Doordarshan (DD National). The story was based on Indian-administered Kashmir. The serial was directed by Amrit Sagar and Shakti Sagar and was produced by Jyoti Sagar. The story was plotted around fighting against terrorism, mafia drug business and cultural incursion. One of the plot, was “J.K. Malhotra is the governor of Indian administrated part of Kashmir. Pakistan wants to kill him and they make a contract with a killer Carlos to kill Mr. J.K. Malhotra.

The Ankhen team under the leadership of Col. Dhyanchand succeeds in spoiling the killing map of Carlos and save the life of J. K. Malhotra. Carlos is very angry for his failure. He wants to take revenge with the Ankhen team and designs a new conspiracy- to blow up a bomb at the venue of the coming peace conference of the foreign advisors in India. Thereby the reputation of India will be badly affected and the other countries will look at India with hostility. Thus India will be isolated from other countries.

In order to finish his mission- Carlos asks his counterpart Ms. Monica and Thomson to reach India. But the secret agents of Ankhen finds the conspiracy and Col. Dhyanchand is alerted of the same and once again a team of Ankhen prepares themselves to face the situation and saves India.” This show was a very popular anti-crime investigative series about the two neighbouring nations India and Pakistan. The show depicts the responsibilities of some good anti-crime professionals. The casts are Arvind Rouseria (Colonel Dhyanchand), Sanjeev Wilson (Carlos), J.P. Sharma (Kangaroo), Sagar Saini, Vinod Pandey and 'Sarvender'  (Ankhen team member).