Sanjeev Wilson Hindi Actor
Sanjeev Wilson is an Indian Television actor who is popularly known for his work in the show Dharam Veer Dharam Veer is a fictional Indian period drama ser >> Read More... Dharam Veer . This show is a historical series based on the life story of two princes, namely Dharam and Veer. The series is a journey of their mischiefs, adventures and their honour. Sanjeev plays the role of the antagonist in this show. He is called Jaivardhan. He constantly keeps planning and plotting to rule over the throne. He is angry about the selection of his younger brother, Aryavardhan for the throne. He makes the best possible use of his resources to put Dharam and Veer in trouble, who according to him are the most eminent contenders for the throne.

He has featured in a couple of movies too. He has worked in the movie, Once Upon A Time in Mumbai, produced by Ekta and Shobha Kapoor Shobha Kapoor is a film and television producer fr >> Read More... Shobha Kapoor . The movie was about a gang of dons in the city of Mumbai, and how they maintain the dictatorship and their fright among the people and rule the city and continue their crimes. It is about love, power and treachery. Sanjeev has also featured in the movie, Mangal Pandey that is based on the historic character Mangal Pandey and his revolt of 1857!