Vivek Mashru

Other names of Vivek Mashru: Vivek V. Mashru, Vivek V Mashru, Vivek Vimal Mashru

Vivek Mashru is a television serial actor, who started his acting career with the television serial “Akkad Bakkad Bambe Bo”. Vivek Mashru is famous for his character in the serial “ CID Crimes happens to anybody in this world. You canno >> Read More... CID ” and is known as stunt king for his role in this serial and the character name is inspector Vivek. Vivek Mashru was selected for the role through a nationwide search and “CID” is the longest running detective serial in any Hindi television channel.

Vivek Mashru is 31 years old. He was born in Bangalore, Karnataka on 27th September 1983. 

Vivek Mashru has also acted in serials such as “ Aankhen Aankhen was an Indian television serial broadcaste >> Read More... Aankhen ”. Apart from acting in serials, Vivek has acted in a movie in the year 2004 called “Morning Raga” in which, he did the role of Munna. Further, he also acted in a short film called “Hakol”, which was directed by Paras Chaurasia Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Paras Chaurasia . Vivek Mashru has also acted in a serial in the year 2006 called “Fight Club: Members Only”. Vivek quit his famous role in the serial “CID” due to some personal reasons. Vivek is called the stunt king for his heroics in the serial “CID”, which has given him the much-needed name and fame.

Vivek Mashru was good at studies and has a Degree in Commerce from Bangalore. Vivek is known for his sincerity and hard work. He is as sincere in his acting career as he was in his studies. His mother informed him about the auditions when a nationwide hunt was launched on 7th July 2006 for the role in “CID”. The auditions went on until 1st September 2006 for the selection of a new face to appear as a police officer for this serial and again, it is his mother who persuaded him to attend the auditions. He accordingly attended, got selected and ultimately he was offered the role in the very famous serial “CID”.