English Tv Show True Blood Season 6

True Blood Season 5 English TV SERIALS on HBO

Bill has now become a super-vampire. Eric and Sookie run from him and fall into a pool of flesh. Eric helps her getting into an elevator where with her power lights up the metal. Nora orders the others (Pam, Jason, Jessica) that are waiting outside to move from there. Just then the complex catches fire. They drive away from that place as Bill comes out. Nora says that Bill is now Lilith’s image but Eric does not agree. The Governor declares a curfew for the vampires. On asking who Nora is, he says it is his sister but Pam does not believe him and gets upset and runs away down the beach. Nora asks Jason about Worlow and comes to know that Worlow was the vampire who killed his parents. As Eric comes by Jason pulls out a gun at him.Jessica is then summoned by Bill. Tim takes away Luna’s daughter as per her request and the vampire military find her dead body. There pack gathers in town. Alicide bites an arm brought before him. Jason meets with older men on his way out of the place. They both discuss Bon Temp and how their families are gone. Jessica and Sookie arrive at Bill’s place.

Just the Nora tries to attack him but is overthrown. After several attempts,Sookie pushes a wood through his heart but nothing happens to him.The Governor makes deal with the owner of True blood factory to become its silent partner. Police shut down Pam’s bar.While fighting with the police ,Tara in the bar is shot with a wooden bullet.Jason realises that the man he met is Worlow and tries to kill him but Worlow disappears. In the middle of the night, a portal opens up on a suspension bridge.The words from the glowing scroll in Sookie's place lifts up the scroll.From the portal then arrives a man. The man who Jason thought to be Worlow turns out to be his Fairy GrandFather . Back at the bar, Eric removes the bullets which start glowing.They come to know that it's a silver bullet,emitting UVlight.They then try to figure out what Bill is with the help of vampire bible.Jessica is woken up by Bill’s scream who sees three women and a little boy walking towards Lilith.Arlene calls up Sookie to get to work.Just then she sees Patrick's wife Maggie standing across a restaurant.

Terry is about, to tell the truth to Maggie when Arlene interrupts and says Patrick has actually run out on her.Sookie meets up an injured man who turns out to be half –ling. She takes her home and questions about the vampires who made him. He becomes unconscious and after waking up tells her his name is Ben and leaves her place after thanking her.At the restaurant,four travellers come in. One of them recognises Sam as a shifter.She tells him that she is the founder of human and vampire. Lilith tells Bill in his mind that she has chosen him like God had chosen her.Andy is worried about her daughters as they keep growing at a faster rate. Fairy Grandfather enters the portal to see if Worlow has made it through.Eric runs away into Governor's daughter when Governor tries to catch him and put him in the camp.Fairy Grandfather,Niall Brigant introduces last power to Sookie which she can only use once and after that she will turn into a human. Bill in his vision sees the destruction of the vampires. Eric kidnaps Governor's daughter Willa and questions her about the camp.

He finds out that the camp is half prison and half research facility to study about vampires.While Burrell(Governor) is negotiating and trying to find where Eric is ,Tara disappears with Willa.Rikki makes Emma shift so that the police can not detect her. Even though she is not detected this time Rikki wants her to leave the pack so that no further danger comes to the pack but Alicide decides that she can stay.Nicole helps Sam to rescue Emma from the werewolves but ends up being attacked by them. Anna Camp returns as Sarah Newlin in the camp to visit her ex-husband and the first camp prisoner ,Steve. But then he comes to realise that it's not a visit but she might be working there.

Bill drops in Sookie's house and wants to use her faerie blood to prevent his vision of seeing all vampires being burned down.She refuses to do so and kicks him out.So he goes to Andy who has four daughters with faerie blood.Warlow is unable to get into Sookie's home and destroys the faerie club. Niall, then asks Ben the half ling for help to fight against Worlow. Nora visits Sookie but is attacked by Niall thinking her to be Worlow. Jason then becomes unconscious and drops down on the floor. Ben discloses his true identity.He is actually Worlow in disguise.He helps Jason to heal with his vampire blood.Ben sends away Niall through the portal after Jason and Niall fail to take him down. Sookie sets up a trap to capture Ben.She seduces him until he lets his guard down and then threatens to kill him with her new power.Bill and Jessica find Andy’s daughter,befriends them and make them give their faerie blood. Takahashi tries synthesising it but fails as it breaks down the moment it's taken away from the .Eric turns Willa into a vampire so that Burrell gives up the fight against vampires. But her not being able to control the blood-thirst makes her attack her own father upon which Sarah suggests him to send her to the camp.Sam and Emma succeed in getting Nicole safe from the were-pack.

Being attacked by Niall, Nora is caught by Louisiana Vampire Task Force.Even Pam ends up in their custody . Ben confesses his love for Sookie and tells her that she is his intended .Sookie attacks him instead with her power ball.Even though Ben is healed ,he is taken away by Bill.Before leaving he tells her that if he had not killed her parents they may have killed her.Confused by this Sookie tries to recall the events that happened the night her parents were murdered. She seeks Lafayette’s help and comes to know that her father was going to kill her to prevent her from becoming Worlow's wife.Her father then possesses Lafayette and tries to kill her by drowning her in a lake.Sarah visits Jason and tells her that God has sent her to help Jason. Using Jason, Sarah puts Jessica who also visits Jason into the vamp camp. Burrell sends Willa to vamp camp too.Eric decides to surrender to get into vamp camp. Pam in the camp is questioned for information in return for blood from living donor. Tara and Jessica are protected by some vampire who tells them owe her one now.Eric and Pam are then put into one room expected to kill each other. Andy finds his three daughters dead ,he tries saving the last one by giving her vampire blood. There is a flashback where we see that Ben was turned into a vampire by Lilith.

Even though he got his revenge on her by killing her he is still furious.Alcide goes in a search for Sam,Nicole, and Emma.Terry asks a sharpshooter to kill him. Ben saves Sookie from her father,Papa Stackhouse. Ben is then summoned by Bill.Sookie returns the favour by taking him to Fae sanctuary.In the camp, instead of attacking each other ,Pam and Eric team up against the guards.Eric comes to know that Steve sold him out.Burrell then injects Nora with Hepatitis V so that Eric can see her die .Eric summons Willa and saves her.He then finds out that true blood has been contaminated.Jason gets into LAVTF to save Jessica.Bill drinks Bens blood and gets the power to walk out in the day. He visits Burrell and decaptivates him when he refuses to tell where Jessica is. Sam hands over Luna’s daughter Emma to Martha,her grandmother. Then with Nicole, he waits for Alcide who lets them go with a warning .

Andy names the fourth daughter Four.Terry dies. Nora and Eric escape the prison.Willa warns Pam not to drink True blood as it's contaminated by Hepatitis V.Eric goes to Bill’s house for help but Nora refuses to drink his blood to be healed from Hepatitis V.Srah finds Burrell de-captivated . She calls in the senator disposes of the body .She asks him to govern the political side and that she will take care of the camp. Sam decides to go to Bon Temps, even though he knows it's not safe.Sookie returns to earth from Fae land to help Arlene(Terry’s wife).Sookie and Lafayette discover that there is a box with $2 million life insurance policy inside. Nicols’s mom picks her up from a motel where Sam and she were staying. In the camp, Jason tries to help Jessica and she asks him to let her thank James who refused to have sex with her for sex-study. She warns him about the true blood.Bill’s blood does not heal Nora so Eric goes to search for Warlow(Ben) to use his blood instead. In the prison, Sarah cuts off Jason's hand and put him into general population not that Burrell is dead.Nicole and her mother are captured by Rikki.

Nora then dies Eric's arms. Eric blames Bill for Nora’s death.Then he decides to gain Fae like power and gets it by drinking blood from Andy’s fourth daughter. Sookie return to Fae land and tells Ben the plan to use his blood to save her vampire friends.He keeps a condition that after he helps she need to become his undead wife.Violet uses Jason to feed upon.Violet is the vampire that saved Tara and Jessica back then.Jessica and other vampires try saving Jason from Violet which leads to all entering white room of doom from Bill’s vision. Rikki challenges Alcide for the pack-master position.Even though he wins the fight, he leaves the pack and brings Nicole and her mother safely to Sam.Sookie visits Sam to seek his help.

To save the vampire-kind Bill drains Ben’s blood. Sookie with her blood keeps him alive and kicks Bill out from Fae land.Sookie promises to return from Terry’s funeral and become his faerie vampire wife. Eric then goes to the vamp camp and kills the guards and releases the vampires to help him kill the other guards. He then heals Jason so that he can lead him to the others.Sarah somehow manages to get to the roof and opens it up so that the sunlight gets in the white room.

But Bill had already made other vampires drink his blood from Ben and they have become immune to sunlight.Steve does not get to drink the blood as he had betrayed Eric and so he meets his end when the sunlight hits him.Jason is unable to kill Sarah and so escapes out alive.James and Jessica come for bill’s help as he becomes weaker.Eric just flies away from there leaving others for a party. Sookie and Alcide spot the vampires having a daylight party. She runs to them and there is a reunion with her vampire friends. After that, she leaves for Fae land where Bill is waiting for their wedding .She asks him to just date and know each other before getting married to each other but then Ben turns out to be a bad guy who is only after her blood.He captures her in Fae land. Bill feels guilty for the way he behaved towards Sookie when Lilith was in him.

To make it up, he decides to go save Sookie .All her friends help Sookie to get away from Ben.Grandfather Niall returns from the portal and kills Ben .Due to his death, the vampires with his blood in theirs start losing their Fae ability. Eric on the other hand burns under the sun as his ability of Fae leaves him while he is sunbathing.There is a fast-forward into the future where Hepatitis V has infected the vampires.Alcide is with Sookie and Jason is with Violet now. Sam has become the Mayor of Bon Temps. Bill is now the leading expert on Hepatitis V.Sam comes up with the solution that one uninfected human become blood source for a vampire and they protect them in return. Tara becomes her daughter's blood source.Jessica becomes Andy and Adilyn’s protector.Bill offers to be Sookie’s but she refuses his offer. Pam on her way to search for Eric finds him just before he has started burning.