English Tv Show The Walking Dead Season 2

The Walking Dead Season 2 English TV SERIALS on AMC

The 13- episode second season of the hit show, The Walking Dead premiered on 16 October 2011. AMC’s post-apocalyptic drama did well with critics and audiences alike who praised the show for its fresh and original content. The show has received a TV-MA rating due to gore and violent content. The first season got off to a high and promising start with room for more and more content as the story progresses. The season picks up where the last season leaves off. The lead, Inspector Rick Grimes along with the rest of the survivors from a mass zombie attack have arrived on a veterinarian, Hershel Green’s laboratory.

The season mainly focuses on their lives on Hershel’s farm, all the while trying to keep away from the zombies with aa blood-lust. Rick Grime’s son, Carl needs medical help as he was shot with a bullet in his leg, and the vet saves him. Even though Rick is more than happy to reunite with his family, Lori and Carl, he cannot help but notice a few irregularities in their behaviour. As it turns out, his instinct was right from the beginning. To his sorrow, he finds out about the affair of Lori with his dear friend Shane.

The fact that Lori is pregnant with Shane’s child adds to the overall tension. This leads to a breach in relations between the three. Amongst all this, a new group of walkers is discovered, among which are the family members of several survivors. Shane coaxes them to put on a brave face before their former relatives and learn to survive for themselves. Later in the season, they meet with a different group of survivors, which leads to a rift between the two groups – courtesy of Shane. At this point, it becomes quite evident that a darkness is beginning to emerge within Shane, and he will stop at nothing to harm Rick.

Pretty soon, he makes his intentions quite clear and takes Rick away from the group to kill him. By a turn of events, he is killed by the zombies. Tensions arise once again as several zombies are attracted to the group's side because of the mess. Once again, Rick is able to come up with a plan and asks everyone to run and regroup at a different place. His leadership is no longer questioned by anybody. In the season finale, Rick drops a bomb by letting everyone know what he found out at the CDC.

Each and every individual has been infected by the virus, and they will all transform into a zombie once they die, regardless of whether they got bitten by a zombie or not. The season finale recorded the highest ever rating for the show till its second season.