English Tv Show Beauty Mantra

The Beauty of every person is Identical. We can also protect beauty with Healthy diet. Intake of food rich in Vitamin A, E, Calcium, Iron, Zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids assist the healing of feet skin. Consume carrots, celery, nuts; milk, whole grain bread, yogurt, fish and flax seeds are some of the good sources. Not to forget water consumption which keeps skin hydrated. Let us ask Meera how she had put beauty mantra at her life period.

Meera Chopra is a software Engineer working in Pune. She is from the middle-class family background in a small village. She is beautiful, married and settled in Pune. Her Husband Manoj Chopra is from reputed family, completed his MS from the USA, also working as a Managing Director, Pune. This couple was newly married, so their friends arranged grand anniversary Party. Manoj says to Meera that tomorrow evening their friends have arranged anniversary party, and there will be many special guests attending the party. She calls her friend Priya and her office colleagues to ask some beauty tips.

Priya, therefore, gave some tips regarding hair, face, saree, etc. Later Manoj and Meera attends the party. The celebration of the party begins. Meera gets many compliments from others who had attended the party. Manoj friends arrange many programs and games. All people congratulate the new couple Mr.& Mrs. Manoj Meera. After the dance performance, all the people had dinner and gave send off to each other. The next day Meera thanked Priya for giving her tips and had the conversation about how she enjoyed the party.

Meera then asks Priya to tell some natural tips. Priya said there are many natural tips some of them which we can apply at home to our face such as fruits like banana, papaya scrub and we can put orange peel paste by grinding and making it powder which will provide antioxidants to our face. These antioxidants will protect our skin and make it glow. Priya said to Meera that to try these tips and explained how those tips are helping people and providing best results. Meera asks what is the need of pedicure treatment in our daily life? Priya says a pedicure treatment not only makes your feet look fresh & beautiful, but also certain pressures by the trained person helps in making the receiver relaxed. It also helps in removing the dead skin from your feet. Meera thank Priya for giving beautiful information.