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Veggistan English OTHERS on NDTV Good Times
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Veggiestan is an English show that was aired on NDTV Good Times. The format of this show is that a skilled chef would prepare vegetarian recipes and display different cuisines for the viewers. The show also describes the benefits of adopting a vegetarian lifestyle to lead a healthy lifestyle. The chef depicts the calorie intake of the food he prepares that will lesser time to cook, pocket-friendly recipes, and easily digestible foods. The scientists have also proved that the consumption of vegetarian foods would protect the person from heart disease, cholesterol problems, and control over blood pressure. The vital factor is that focusing on vegan foods saves the environment and helps people to lead a healthy lifestyle. As vegetarian meals also consist of a wholesome of vitamins and minerals and lower the risk of chronic diseases. The chef also explains the viewers of the protein source in vegetables so that they can replace their meat with veggies. Some of the protein-rich foods in vegetarians are nuts, tofu, legumes, and seitan.

The mouth-watering dishes are prepared in this show by the chef and showcasing unique Middle Eastern recipes. The cooking show is also adored by the viewers as it shows many desi to continental hotel-style recipes that would encourage the people to cook their dishes. In this way, the people will choose a healthy option of preparing their dishes instead of wasting money and loss their health on eating processed foods. The portion control of the meal will also be followed for the people so that it will help them from being fatigued and gain weight. The show’s main motive is to explain to people the engineering of new and righteous cooking and also describes how cooking can be helpful for their minds.


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