English Tv Serial Johnny Test

Johnny Test English TV SERIALS on Cartoon Network

Johnny Test is an American-Canadian comic series that revolve around an eleven-year-old boy named ‘Johnny Test.’ The series was produced by renowned producer of the times, ‘Warner Bros. Animation’ and ‘Coliseum Entertainment for first two seasons, and then by ‘Cookie Jar’ for the remaining.

It initially aired on ‘Kids’WB’ in 2005, for the first three seasons and then later on ‘Cartoon Network’ from its debut in 2008 in ‘The United States’ and internationally. The series is developed by ‘Aaron Simpson.’ It till date has six seasons in total with hundred and seventeen episodes. Due to its increasing popularity, DVDs and Comics were launched subsequently. Also, the production house earned a lot by selling video games which went out of stock as soon as they were out. Therefore, later some applications launched for ‘ios’ users. This series grabbed many awards throughout the run for editing, story, cinematography, etc.

It airs for 22 minutes with two segments of 11 minutes each. Johnny Test is an eleven-year-old heroic boy who has two thirteen-year-old sisters ‘Susan’ and ‘Mary’ who tend to be super genius scientists. He has a dog, that speaks as a gift from one of Susan and Mary’s experiment, named ‘Duke’ and spends all the time with him. His mother, ‘Lila’ is a business woman and his father, ‘Hugh,’ a household husband. The main plot is how his sisters tend to create certain scientific inventions that majority of the times lands all of them into trouble.

This eleven-year-boy along with his dog, is always all set to save the world from his sisters’ crazy inventions. In the process, he is likely to face monsters and evil people against whom he fights with ease. Johnny’s sisters always tend to use Johnny as their specimen for all their researches and experiments. Both of his sisters try to impress a boy next door ‘Gill’ for whom both the girls have a hardcore feeling of love, through their extremely advanced laboratory and experiments. Although they never succeed in pleasing Gill, their feeling never seems to fade. Not only it tells you about certain inventions, but it also highlights the bond siblings share.

With laughter, you’ll find a connection that will bond you along for sure. A perfect combination of fun and science fiction, this is supposed to be one of the most watched serials amongst them all.