Bengali Tv Serial Ami Sirajer Begum

Ami Sirajer Begum Bengali TV SERIALS on Star Jalsha

Ami Sirajer Begum is a Bengali period drama with romance as the main genre. It is based on the novel of the same name penned by Sree Parabat. Shreya Ghoshal crooned the opening theme of the series. Shrikant Mohta and Mahendra Soni produced the series under Shree Venkatesh Films banner. The series was aired on Star Jalsha. It was telecasted from 10th December 2018 to 17th May 2019. The series is available on Hotstar.

The story is about Bengali King Siraj Ud-Daulah and his wife, Lutfunnisa Begum. How Lutfunnisa Begum backs her husband to fight against the enemies is the main theme of the story. Siraj ud-Daulah is the last rule of Bengal. After his maternal grandfather Nabab Ali Bordi Khan, Siraj comes to the throne. Ghoseti Begum, his maternal aunt, along with some other close relatives, betray him. The chief Military Advisor, Mir Jafar, also joined the betrayal gang. How Siraj overcomes all the betrayals with his wife’s support is shown in this series. Lutfunnisa was a maid, and Siraj falls for her. Their love story is one of the highlighted portions of this series.

Sean Banerjee and Pallabi Dey play the King and the Queen. Chandrayee Ghosh plays the elder maternal aunt Ghaseti Begum, and Badshah Moitra plays the military advisor Mir Jafar. Sayak Chakraborty, Sohan Mukhopadhyay, Rupa Bhattacharjee, Tulekha Basu, Mallika Majumdar, Rajesh KR Chattopadhyay, Laboni Bhattacharjee, Sanghasri Sinha Mitra, Amitava Das, Sreetoma Roy Chowdhury, Nisha Poddar, Ayendri Lavnia Roy, Mohana Meem, Ananda Chaudhury, Pallavi Mukherjee, and Ananya Guha are in the supporting roles.

The series is viral among the Bengali audience. This is one of the high-budgeted TV Series in Bengali. Sean Banerjee grabbed a huge fan following after this series, and he won the Best Actor Award at West Bengal Tele Academy Awards in 2019. Sean Banerjee is none other than the grandson of the popular actress Supriya Devi, who had been in the Bengali cinema for five+ decades.