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Everest Teasers, Trailers, Video & Songs

Baltasar Kormakur directed the phenomenal biographical movie Everest that looks very realistic and natural. The trailer demonstrates how people are questioned why they are interested towards climbing Mount Everest. The movie revolves around an expedition to the mighty Mount Everest. Everyone has their own reason to do so.

Many mountaineers go on a climbing sojourn daring the high altitudes and bone-biting chilled weather. They belong to two different groups, led by Rob Hall and Scott Fischer, set out for commercial expedition to the highest place on the planet. The teams have to endure harshest conditions ever imagined. But still, they are all rigid and determined not to give up their climb. They fall, slip from the bridge but still they do not leave the expedition. They withstand the fierce wind and freezing temperatures. They support each other through thick and thin. The dream to reach the peak of the highest mountain on Earth will not be so simply forgotten by Rob Hall. Both Rob and Scott succeed in reaching the summit.

As if their troubles were not enough, a massive storm is headed their way, challenging their heroics.Even shortage of oxygen to breathe makes their situation even worse. They face many difficulties while descending. Many team members lose their lives due to the blizzard. Even Scott dies. Rob’s arms and legs are frozen. His wife Jan encourages him through radio that he has the ability to complete the expedition. He tells her to name their daughter as Sarah and succumbs to death. Rob’s body still lies in the Everest.

This TV spot for Everest film, released by Universal Pictures gained 672,088 views. There are 8 videos of Everest movie in totality in the Universal Pictures YouTube list. The film is based on real life events that occurred in the 1996 Mount Everest Disaster. It showcases the story of survivors and the determination of the mountaineers. Everest has the biggest worldwide September IMAX opening. It received many positive reviews from the critics.