Brahmaji is a popular Indian movie actor mostly known for his work in the Telugu film industry. He features mostly in Telugu movies. He is a repeated actor in director Krishna Vamsi Krishna Vamsi or also known as Vamshiramya, is an >> Read More... Krishna Vamsi 's movies. Brahmaji featured in a major role in Krishna Vamsi's first movie as a director, titled Gulabi. He worked in Krishna Vamsi's second movie Ninne Pelladata. Krishna Vamsi cast him in the lead role with the film Sindooram. Later, Brahmaji pursued as a character artist. He featured in main roles in movies like Inspector, Samakka Sarakka, Kaki, Idea, Adhyakhaa, Andariki Vandanalu, Dhoom Dham, Abbo Vaada, NH-5, and Kumbakonam.

Babu Mohan Telugu Actor

Babu Mohan

Babu Mohan is a famous comic Actor and a veteran Politician, belonging to Hyderabad, in India. Babu’s birth name is Kastur Babu Mohan Rao. He was born in the village Beerolu that is located in the Khammam district, in the present day Telangana. He was born in a middle-class family and was brought up in a conservative manner. Babu’s father was a teacher, in their district. Babu Mohan has been ridiculed his whole life, for his dark appearance. He has faced a lot of discrimination because of this, during his childhood. Babu dusted off all those who teased him and got a job in the Government Revenue Department. After working there for a while, he realized his passion was to act in movies and hence, quit his safe job and started venturing into films. Babu Mohan kicked-off his cinema career in the year 1986, through the superhit movie Ee Prasnaku Baduledi. He then appeared in a few supporting roles in films Ahuti, Ankusham and so on. Babu Mohan established himself as a funny man, by showcasing his humor talent, with the movie Mamagaru, in the year 1991. This movie was officially marked as his debut in the Cinema field, as he started getting more offers only after this flick. Babu teamed up with the versatile Actor Kota Srinivasa Rao, in a few following films, such as Mayalodu (1993), Rajendrudu Gajendrudu (1993) and a few more. The team has given many amusing, evergreen comedies and was a celebrated pair back then. Mohan has also done bone tickling movies along with the prominent entertaining actor Brahmanandam in a few movies like Hello Brother, Allari Alludu, Jamba Lakidi Pamba and a few more. He has done so many memorable movies in his stint in the Tollywood from 1991 till 2014, and a few from the list are Chalo One Two Three (2012), Comedy Express (2010), Jai Bhadrakali (2010), Shatruvu (2004), Big Boss (1995) and so on. He has also been a part of the Kannada Industry, by acting in the film H20, in the year 2002. As a youngster, Babu has loyally supported the idealistic principles of the legend N. T. Ramarao and this inspiration made him join the Telugu Desam Party. He was an active participant, and he got elected as the Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), representing the Medak District, in Telangana. He was also voted as the Social Welfare Minister when the Telugu Desam Party ruled the state. After losing twice to the Deputy Chief Minister Damodar Raja Narasimha, in 2004 and 2009, Babu combined with the Telangana Rashtra Samithi. He then won the elections in the year 2014 against Raja Narasimha with a whopping difference of around 40,000 votes. Babu Mohan got married to Indira Vijayalakshmi. The couple has two children Pawan Kumar and Uday Babu Kumar. Sadly, Pawan Kumar died in an accident in the year 2013.


Chitti Babu Punyamurthula

Those were the days when people, audience, and critics never encouraged cheap comedy. Unless and until the comedian also serves as the lubricant for the flow of the plot, there will be no comedy character in the movie. From the initial days of the Telugu film industry, comedians are an integral part of any film. People and audience are so attached to comedy in the film that most of the films without comedians couldn't do so well at the box office. Apart from these reasons, some films got a negative response for not incorporating comedy actors as a part of the cinemas. Chitti Babu Punyamurthula belongs to that age of comedy where comedians have an importance on par with the hero. His siblings, Raja Babu and Anantha Babu, are also comedians who are famous in classic Telugu movies. Chitti Babu Punyamurthula was born in the Amalapuram area of Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh, India. His original name being, Punyamurthula Suryanarayana Murthy, he was famous with his on screen name, Chitti Babu. His parents were Umamaheswara Rao and Ramanamma. He completed his primary education at Dhavaleswaram. His schooling was at Rajahmundry, and then he went to Hyderabad for his higher studies. He also had an ITI certificate from Kakinada. His entry into the film industry is because of his timely comic sense in his personal, as well as cinematic life. Chitti Babu Punyamurthula appeared on the screen with the 1973 movie, Palletoori Bava. He played the role of a rickshaw puller. All in all, he appeared in around five hundred roles. Not just in minor roles, he also played the major and crucial characters in some movies. His luminous performance got critically reviewed in movies like Kaliyuga Pandavulu, ‘Vijaya’, etc. Three of them, Raja Babu, Chitti Babu, and Anantha Babu, mastered the art of comedy acting. At a particular point of time, after the death of their beloved brother, Raju Babu, Chitti Babu confessed that the amount of respect the olden day industry used to give them is much more adorable than the present day industry. He also said that the character of the comedians used to go accordingly with the plot and the actors. But the current day movies have no or minor roles in the movies, which don't contribute to the plot. Chitti Babu is one of the oldest stand-up comedians in the Telugu film and television industry. He used to be the anchor for some programmes, which dealt with comedy in Doordarshan. He gave in and around 200 on stage performances. Their family is a staunch supporters of the Congress Party.

Chitti Babu Punyamurthula Telugu Actor