After creating much hype Sardaar Gabbar Singh has finally hit the screens And it would indeed be a gala time for the Power Star Pawan Kalyan rsquo s fans Sard

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Movie Review

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Review for the film " Sardaar Gabbar Singh"
Runtime: 2 Hours 44 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 08-04-2016
Genre: Action, Romance, Drama
3 / 5.0

After creating much hype Sardaar Gabbar Singh has finally hit the screens. And it would indeed be a gala time for the Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s fans. Sardaar Gabbar Singh is a sequel to the 2012 flick Gabbar Singh. Here Pawan Kalyan dons the role of the mass entertainer. Well, let’s see whether the movie that has raised the bars, lives up to the expectations.


Rattanpur is a small, serene town and it dominated by a merciless landlord Sharad Kelkar. And yes, Sharad is the same Telugu villain that you have got used to seeing in many films; he is brutal to the core and is arrogant to the hilt. And there should be someone to tame his atrocities right? Yes, you heard it right. Pawan Kalyan is the cop of grit who comes to the town. There is the comic element, which is being aided by Brahmanandam, the romantic element, that is being provided with the required zing by Kajal Aggarwal, who happens to be a royal princess. Well, watch the film to see the shrewd tactics of Sharad, how Pawan braves all odds and wins the love of his life, and also save the people of the town.

Star Performances 

Pawan Kalyan does a great job as the rebel cop and is just outstanding in comedy and action scenes; he does what he is best at; pleasing his fans. Kajal Aggarwal looks amazing as the princess and though she has a less screenspace she leaves a strong impression. Brahamanandam is one of the characters who do full justice to his role.


This is the second directorial endeavor of K S Ravindra, who has done quite a good job. He has seen to it that the movie is a perfect entertainer for the fans of Pawan Kalyan. And there is no doubt about the charismatic personality of Pawan. However, the makers could have concentrated more on the content of the film to make it convincing from all angles.

What’s there?

  • The cinematography of Arthur A Wilson is commendable. 
  • Art direction of Brahma Kadali is spot-on.
  • The stunt choreography of Ram and Laxman is a perfect fodder to Pawan’s action prowess. 
  • The music of Devi Sri Prasad is peppy especially the title track and Tauba Tauba.

What ‘s not there?

  • The win of goodness over evil is a time-tested one, and the movie progresses in the predictable lines. 
  • Though stunts are the one of the major highlights of the movie, it is quite exaggerated. 
  • The second half could have been more intense. 
  • Gowtham Raju’s editing could have been crisper. 


Sardaar Gabbar Singh won’t disappoint the fans of Pawan Kalyan.