The film is by debutante director Nag Ashwin. It has been adapted from Hector and The Search for Happiness , based on the same novel. Plot: Subramanyam, known

Yevade Subramanyam Movie Review

Yevade Subramanyam Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Review for the film " Yevade Subramanyam"
Runtime: 2 Hours 25 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 21-03-2015
Genre: Comedy Drama
3.5 / 5.0

The film is by debutante director Nag Ashwin Nag Ashwin is a director/assistant director/ produ >> Read More... Nag Ashwin . It has been adapted from ‘Hector and The Search for Happiness’, based on the same novel.

Plot: Subramanyam, known as Subbu by everyone. He is a Wall Street graduate from IIM and very resourceful. He works under Pashupathi, who is always scheming to get hold of his archenemy Ramaiah’s firm but fails at it. Subbu uses his wit and manipulative ways to trick Ramaiah’s people into selling their shares. Pasupathi happy with the success gives his daughter Riya’s hand in marriage to Subbu. During the engagement, Subbu’s childhood friend enters the scene. Rishi is vivacious and is the exact opposite to Subbu in character. Rishi is a painter of life, who lives without thinking of living. That same day they met a bubbly charming girl Anandi in a pub. Rishi confesses his dream to travel with Subbu to Doodh Kashi, a revered lake in the Himalayas.

Subbu, Riya and everyone in Pasupathi’s business assume that they have won over Ramaiah’s company, when suddenly it is found that some shares are still left. This angers Pashupathi who threatens to break off the match and to fire him. Subbu gives Pasupathi his word that he will succeed. He pays a visit to Ramaiah and asks him to sell his company. Ramaiah refuses his offer modestly. Subbu feels dejected, and Rishi reminds him of the trip. On hearing Subbu’s plight, Rishi is amused. They make a deal- a trip to Doodh Kashi in change off the shareholder’s details. They make inquiries and get to know that the person is Anandi’s father. They come to know Anandi is lonely, and they try to win over friendship. She keeps putting away the paperwork, although it is the foremost thing for Subbu.

While going to visit Riya, they find a little girl injured on the road. They rush her to the hospital but in vain. The incident got off Subbu’s mind but Rishi cannot. Rishi gets drunk and argues with Subbu that they are not leading the life ought to be lived. Subbu enraged, points out to Rishi the filthy life he is leading. He leaves. The next day, Subbu gets a call from police officer who informs that Rishi has expired in an accident. Subbu and Anandi, shocked as they were, reached Kolkata for his funeral. Anandi gives Subbu her word that she will handover the shares if they together visit Doodh Kashi to scatter Rishi’s ashes.

Analysis: Tawdry and slow paced scenes in the first half makes the audience assume that it is lackluster. But the splendidly crafted frames put us in bliss and total amazement, which makes us reconsider our judgments. The blend of best characterization, marvelous music, a superb cast with execution and great direction, shines in its glory. Though at places it fails to achieve the mark, the remaining of the story glorifies the ultimate bond which makes the two best friends of opposing schools to set out on a journey together of change, introspection and self-discovery.

Rakesh Erukulla captures some scenic beauties and focuses on keeping the visuals realistic rather than stunning. Editing could have been clearer cut. The second half drags along at a snail’s pace. Swapna ensures all her characters pull off a realistic look. Needless to mention the effort put in by the casting director and the art director. The dialogue writer has shown his skill in the subtle, yet amusing one-liners.

Star performances: Nani puts in a flawless performance. He is very much into the character as an investment banker. He also blends into the role perfectly where he undergoes a transition. But Vijay is the surprise element of the film. He is infectious, and he is convincing as the vivacious friend. His body language, diction is charming. Ageing Krishnam Raju puts in a sp[ecial appearance as Ramaiah. Malvika puts up a brilliant show, and you can totally picture the bubbly Anandi in her. Her lively performance gets to you instantly. Sowcar janaki puts in a cameo which is good enough. All the other actors have done a great job too.

What’s there? 1. In an industry basking in the glory of films having plenty of fights and song sequences, Ashwin made sure that this venture stood apart. You will be a witness to the story of self-discovery narrated in style, to which the gen-next and the globe trotters will relate instantly. 2. A simple film which is in no rush to sweep you off your feet. Instead, the makers have focused on keeping the story as realistic as possible.

What’s not there? Ashwin could have tightened the loose ends, to gain back the pace I the second half which is predictable enough. Music is not the attraction of the film, though Radhan does a pleasant job. It is not for those who fantasize a film entwined with songs and shaking legs. It is for people who opt away from the mainstream movies.

Verdict: Go and watch the movie. You won’t be disappointed. It would lift up your mood.