The film based on the Indian epic- Ramayana is Bapu rsquo s last Directional endeavor It is the remake of the 1963 Telugu film lsquo Lava Plot Seeta is ex

Sri Rama Rajayam Movie Review

Sri Rama Rajayam Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Review for the film " Sri Rama Rajayam"
Runtime: 2 Hours 52 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 17-11-2011
Genre: Drama
3.5 / 5.0



The film based on the Indian epic- Ramayana, is Bapu’s last Directional endeavor. It is the remake of the 1963 Telugu film ‘Lava.

Plot: Seeta is expecting, and her wish is to give birth to the baby in Ayodhya. Everything was going perfect and happy. But suddenly thunder struck. Rama hears about the speculations doing the rounds about the pregnancy. The hot topic of gossip everywhere- Seeta was held hostage in Lanka over a year, and the rumours were flying about the possibilities. Deeply distressed over the buzz, Rama sends Seeta to exile. She takes refuge at Valmiki’s Ashram in the forests. There she gives birth to twin baby boys- Lava and Kusha. The rest half deals with how Lava, Kusha, and Seeta reconcile with Rama.

Analysis: The story is based on Ramayana and draws its essence from the classic- Lava Kusha. Bapu, the director, has done many social dramas adapted from the epic, ensured that he got the perfect measure for everything in this film. The screenplay is great. The portrayal of the twins meeting their father, unknown to them is a dynamic screenplay technique.

The director has extracted the best performance from each and every character in the right measure. There is a good humor in the enactment of Bal Hanuman, Kush, and Lav. It is very strenuous to direct a legendary film of such duration. Bapu has ensured that the emotions can do the trick. The audience will sympathise with the ordeal that Rama and Seeta went through and Lava Kusha. The first half is perfect. The rest half gets emotional. The film gains momentum in its emotions when Seeta goes away. The film tells the story as it is.

Star performance: Balakrishna deserves a round of applause for accepting this offer. He is one of the handfuls of actors in the present Telegu Film Industry who can do justice to mythical roles. But the Rama portrayed here is about emotions and subtlety. It requires measured acting and calmness. Balakrishna has done his part only too good. Since the story’s focus is the twins and Seeta’s exile, there is plenty of footage for the three, and he obliged it. He portrayed the storm raging inside Lord Rama beautifully.

ANR is a treasure to the film as Valmiki who guides and helps Seeta in a turbulent time. Nayantara describes Seeta. She brings sanctity to the character by her graceful acting. Srikanth’s performance as Laxman and this film is an addition to his trophy bag. He is fabulous. Sameer portrayed Bharat nicely. Brahmanandam’s role is the story-changer. All the others did a great job.

What’s there?

1. Ilaiyaraja creates magic with his melodies. All the songs are especially made for the story. Background score is apt and soothing.

2. Dialogues are plain and good, so that the current generation can understand it.

3. Another asset is Raju’s cinematography. Much pain was taken in creating the visual effects. Excellent Art Direction and editing.

4. Ravinder has reproduced the essence of the forest through the set Of Valmiki’s Ashram. Makeup and Costumes are natural.

What’s not there? The film is devoid of dances, fights, kickass dialogues and Brahmanandam’s comic play. It hasn’t got superfluous creativity and addition to the story to make the movie more saleable. Hat’s off to the director and the producer for risking into such a venture in the age of colorful visualizations, stories, and superfluous acting.

Verdict: The film has got everything in the right proportions. Bapu has come up with an engrossing and sensible movie in the image of Sri Rama Rajyam. A blissful watch.