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Written By - Team Nettv4u

Nag Ashwin is a director/assistant director/ producer. He is another boy from Hyderabad. The Hyderabadi is just another example of people who run after their dreams like no tomorrow. He found his passion in cinema. Regarding his unveiling film Yevade Subranmanyam, the man talks about his advancement as a writer and the practice that led him to what he refers to a cheerful movie.

Ashwin likes writing; the narration is not one of his strong points. He studied at a public school at Hyderabad. At school, he used to write a lot and ran his magazine. Nag also happened to have his website. Seemingly, the boy is more into extra-curricular activities as he wanted to be recognized by the audience. That is the logic, why he selected to undergo a course in Mass Communication and Journalism. Later, he did a job in a news company and then as an event manager. Then, Nag ended up in a call center. Most of the time having no idea about what to write, the script forms up as he starts getting the flow of it.

Ashwin had a knack for films from childhood. Before coming into the industry, he had no connections in the industry. The boy was a total outsider. A family of doctors produced a script writer. He used to compose stories in college and got selected for a radio show. This event greatly encouraged his self-confidence. Later, he met Shekar Kammula and started working for him as an assistant director. Ashwin was also working as a film editor, editing his film promos, and then decided to create a small production house.

It was like a small group formed for all little or short filmmakers who did not have much of an experience. The name of the production house is Parna, which has now become a conservatoire for budding cinematographers. In the recent news, he has become quite a headline. As the young man is now getting married to Priyanka Dutt Priyanka Dutt is an Indian Film Producer. She work >> Read More... , daughter of prevalent creator and distributor C. Ashwini Dutt. Their marriage happened suddenly. The two were collaborating on projects.

So, Ashwin thinks that both of them might have felt that the couple were in their thirties and the relationship that they had going for a while should be taken a step forward. Their families had no problem with this decision. The couple tied the knot on 6th December, 2015. The happy couple is blessed with a baby boy, and the family is now leading a happy life.


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