Actor Karan slips into the role of a producer with Uchathula Shiva which has hit the screens silently Directed by Jaypee let rsquo s see whether this Shiva man

Uchathula Shiva Movie Review

Uchathula Shiva Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Uchathula Shiva"
Runtime: 2 Hours 06 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 16-09-2016
1.5 / 5.0



Actor Karan slips into the role of a producer with Uchathula Shiva which has hit the screens silently. Directed by Jaypee let’s see whether this Shiva manages to thrill us, as per the title suggests.


Karan is an inncoent taxi driver and he falls for Neha Ratnakaran who does menial jobs as stealing. Due to turn of events, Karan is entangled in a problem caused by Neha. What happens next form the rest of the story.

Star Performances

Karan, who has proven his mettle in supporting roles, has acted  in a lead role (he has also done lead roles before). His acting could have been molded to suit the tastes of today’s audiences. Naha Ratnakaran looks good and does a fairly good job. The supporting artists are quite ok in their roles. 


It is indeed a tight-rope walk for the directors to present a good story well on screen. Sometimes it so happens that the story will be good but the execution stammers. Uchathula Shiva is one such film, wherein bad execution hampers the tempo of the movie. It tries to be a light-hearted entertainer but one wonders about the connection between the title of the film and the story. Can a light-hearted entertainer have such a fiery title?

What’s there?

  • The story is pretty good.
  • Music by Vidyasagar is just average.

What’s not there?

  • The second half could have been executed better.
  • The editing could have been done in such a way that the pace of the film is maintained. 


It’s high time that film makers realize that fresh concepts deserve good execution.