Sujith Sarang Malayalam Actor
Other Skills
    - Director of Photography

Sujith Sarang is a young and extremely talented director of photography hailing from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. He has marked his place with his works in the Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam Film Industry. He has 9 films to his credits with a mixture of short and full-length feature films. He completed his schooling from CSI HR SEC School, CBE, and VLB Janakjamal. He pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science (NVM CAS). His passion for photography made him join the prestigious Film and Television Institute of Tamil Nadu where he is pursuing a degree in DFTech Cinematography. The first short film where he was the director of photography was Pecchi (2012) which was a gripping crime thriller about two friends who come across an ancient horror in the woods while returning from an ancestral farmhouse.

This was followed by his work in another short film which was quite different from his first one named Ehsaas (2012) where the story revolved around two people who meet via a matrimonial website and pour their heart out to each other only to realize that there is no certainty of how their life might turn out if they marry each other. The other short films where he has worked include the thriller Aghavizhi (2013) and Alias Janiki (2013). Sujith Sarang came into the limelight after his debut as the director of photography in a full-length feature film called Angels which released in 2014. The first full-length movie with his debut was Angels which released in 2014. It is a crime thriller movie with a run time of two hours. The film is about a police officer named Hameen Haider who met with an accident during his investigation of a series of murders and is forced to take a leave due to it.

After a couple of years, the unsolved murder cases are shown by a reality television show. Sujith Sarang also worked in the action thriller Thakka Thakka(2015) action thriller which was an emotional story based on the friendship between two boys who work in the same wine shop. The best film he has worked on is undoubtedly Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru Click to look into! >> Read More... Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru (2016) which had an intriguing plot and was well received by the audience. This action film can also be referred to as a crime and mystery film with a dark plot. A retired police officer- Deepak meets a young man who wants to join IPS. This young man asks Deepak about the mystery killer whom he was behind that led to Deepak losing his career as well as his leg in an accident. The case is eventually solved by this young man. Sujith’s upcoming project is a drama thriller called Naragasooran which is still being filmed.