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Rahul Venkat, a detached cousin of actor cum politician Chiranjeevi, is making his entrance with upcoming Telugu action and romance movie " Alias Janaki Click to look into! >> Read More... Alias Janaki " and states the star household status has its advantages and disadvantages. Belonging from a star family, then expectations are always big even before you enter the industry. From time to time the level of anticipation is unfathomable and, therefore, it's vital to make a skillful entry according to Rahul. Sometimes your biggest plus can turn into a minus says the star. For example, when your flick turns out to be a tragedy, the let down is even bigger than expected because you're a star kid. He disclosed and added that a new applicant from a movie household has to work harsher than other artists. He admits that inspecting Chiranjeevi on the sets of pictures compelled him to become an artist.

As a youngster, he devoted most of his time examining Chiranjeevi’s shots. In fact, the majority of our family conversation would be about him, how he arranges himself as a thespian. It directly had a lot of influence on him (Rahul), who desired to be an artist since the day he was mature enough to make his own decisions in life. Even though four other constituents of Chiranjeevi's household- Allu Arjun, Ram Charan, Pawan Kalyan, and Allu Sirish - have earned status in the production, Rahul doesn't see them as opposition. He views them only as colleagues and artists, but not as competition. He cannot equate himself with them because they have already received recognition, and he just made his entry into the industry. He wants to select different movies and toil with innovative and ambitious directors instead of fretting about collaborating with large film production lines.

Besides Alias Janaki Rahul is concurrently occupied in Telugu entertainment movie " Billa Ranga Click to look into! >> Read More... Billa Ranga " and Tamil whodunnit Piravi. "'Alias Janaki' is the narrative of a regular man. The whole story occurs within 60 minutes of a day, and it has a lot of high action and thrilling moments. The tale derived from a trivial thought that arose to him. He recoiled from the notion to his producers, and they decided to account the flick. Shaped by Neelima Tirumalasetti, "Alias Janaki" is directed by a newcomer Dayaa K, and also presents Anisha Ambrose Anisha Ambrose, the up and coming actress of the T >> Read More... Anisha Ambrose in the main role. It is publicizing on July 12th. Rahul keener on undertaking small-budget, original flicks such as "Alias Janaki" to guarantee permanency in the industry. All praise to his manager and creator. He wants to do more low-budget and imaginative films like these to safeguard his profession. It's vital to earn the faith of the viewers as a performer.