As far as his stint with Tamil film industry is concerned Vijay Antony has had a nice time. Though this actor-cum musi..

Saithan Movie Review

Saithan Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Saithan"
Runtime: 2 Hours 05 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 01-12-2016
Genre: Thriller
3.25 / 5.0



As far as his stint with Tamil film industry is concerned Vijay Antony has had a nice time. Though this actor-cum music composer had acted only in few movies he had captured the attention of the Kollywood audiences with his performance in movies like Pichaikaran. And now his latest release is Saithan which has hit the theatres after a long delay. Let’s see how the movie turns out to be.


The movie starts with Vijay Antony hearing voices. He consults a psychologist. I don’t want to tell more about the story, so that the surprise factor is maintained. Watch it to know how it progresses with its interesting twists and turns.

Star Performances

From a music director to an actor the journey of Vijay Antony has been a fulfilling one. The script is indeed a challenging one and Vijay has done full justice to his role. He is improving his acting skills with every film. Arundhati Nair gives a convincing performance. Charu Haasan , who is not seen in big screen often nowadays, has done a neat job. Y Gee Mahendran has also done a convincing job.


Saithan which is touted to be psychological thriller is helmed by Pradeep Krishnamurthy. It is bankrolled by Lyca Productions. The film is a way different from the previous endeavors of Vijay Antony. A point to mention that the script is adapted from Sujatha’s famous novel named Aah.

What’s there?

• First half of Saithan progresses at a highly interesting pace.

• The story of Saithan will keep you hooked to the seats. And the icing on the cake is that the screenplay also does full justice to the story.

• The BGM of Saithan is excellent. For such films background music is the forte.

• The cinematography of Saithan is commendable.

What’s not there?

• Though the story and script score, the movie gives a feeling that it is dragging in some places.

• The movie will need deep analysis into the psychological aspect.

• The music of Saithan could have been better.


Saithan can be watched once if you are interested in something different. A different attempt not gone in vain.