Chasing your dreams is a worthy concept and films which deal with this should have the emotional intensity in it Maanga touches this concept but disappoints

Maanga Movie Review

Maanga Movie Review Tamil
Movie story for the film "Maanga"
Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 12-09-2015
Genre: Sci Fi, Drama
1.5 / 5.0

Chasing your dreams is a worthy concept, and films which deal with this should have the emotional intensity in it. Maanga touches this concept, but disappoints due to lack of emotional depth. 

Plot: Siva wanted to become a scientist and he works hard to fulfill his dream. He always prefers studies rather than enjoyment. He did many researches and found out new things. But there is disappointment; all his attempts fail. Incidentally Siva gets acquainted with Premji, who is also raving to become a scientist. Both join hands and strive hard in their pursuit to attain their dream. Did they succeed in this attempt? This forms the crux of the story. 

Siva is appealing and gives a sincere performance. All the actors have done a neat job though Thambi Ramaiah steals the show with his decent comedy. The screenplay is good and decent.

On the flip side there is absence of emotional intensity in the film. Also the story is in the predictable lines. Many characters are inserted into the story without any reason. There is no need for some scenes in the film. Music is average. Editing is of mediocre level. The director had just handled certain aspects safely and there is nothing great to say about it. On the whole, comedy is the solace of the film. 

Verdict: Those who are always interested in comedy can watch this film once.